SMIHUB – Great Tool For Instagram Analysis

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Have you ever considered viewing someone’s Instagram story which is not your follower? Or do you want to know how to check who has viewed your story? We will suggest you stress no more because here we will discuss SmiHub. SmiHub Instagram story viewer helps Instagram users to view Insta stories without following each other. So, if you want love to check others’ Instagram stories, this is the perfect tool for you. In this blog, we will discuss important facts about SmiHub. So, let’s get started.

What is SmiHub?


SmiHub is an expert tool that helps Instagram users to analyze the Instagram profiles of other users. Smi Hub allows you to access images, reels, videos, stories, games, likes, comments, etc. Interestingly, your identity will not be disclosed to the profile users. They will not see your name as their story viewer. Even you can save viewed stories on your phone.

SmiHub launched on 10th October 2018, and became popular slowly as an analytical gadget. According to research, every month, it has twenty-five million traffic.

Top features of Smi Hub

SmiHub has several beautiful features that make it popular among Instagram account holders. Following are some key features of Smi Hub.

  • One can view the stories of other account holders anonymously with the support of SmiHub.
  • SmiHub also helps to download images, videos, and stories.
  • It provides an option to analyze followers, likes, and comments
  • You can check the profile of a person who doesn’t follow you back anonymously.
  • SmiHub is an open-source and free tool.
  • This is a clean and buffer-free app that anybody can use without difficulty.

Is SmiHub Paid or Free?

SmiHub supports Instagram users to view others’ profiles and stories without being followed by each other. However, the most exciting thing is that this is a free tool. Therefore, users don’t need to pay subscription charges to download the app. There are no up-gradation charges involved that are payable, and users can enjoy this tool without paying any bills.

How to download Instagram videos and stories from SmiHub?

To download others’ videos and stories from Instagram with Smi-Hub, users need to follow some steps:

  • Go to the formal page of Smi-Hub, which is currently
  • Next, search the profile of the users whose account you want to view or the story you want to view
  • Select the photo, video, and reels and click the download option
  • And the selected pictures, videos, and reels will be downloaded to your device. You can analyze them whenever you want.

What do users say about Smihub?

According to some research, SmiHub Instagram users are satisfied with the services they receive from this tool. According to the review of the users, the device keeps all the promises and is a dependable, legal platform. Users can analyze others’ stories, reels, likes, comments, and photos anonymously with the help of SmiHub.

But most use it to watch others’ profiles and not for marketing or business. Nevertheless, it is helpful in whatever way it is used.

Is SmiHub anonymous in reality?

The primary target of SmiHub is to analyze Instagram profiles anonymously. This tool claims that an Instagram user can view and interpret others’ accounts by keeping their names a secret. But the point is whether it is possible or not.

According to the experience of SmiHub users, the app keeps its promise. If you view someone’s profile which is not a follower of yours, your identity will not be revealed to them. Therefore, SmiHub is really anonymous.

Is SmiHub legit?

Some people are afraid to use SmiHub as they are unsure whether it is legal. It is to inform them that SmiHub is entirely safe and legal, and there is no chance of fraud. This tool doesn’t need your IP address, profile link, or location. It doesn’t ask for any charges and offers totally original features. Therefore, it is entirely safe and legal to use.

SmiHub and Dumpor, are they different?

SmiHub Instagram has changed its domain name to It was before, but its present website is Therefore, if you searched and found that the site doesn’t exist, this is the reason. But only the name has changed; Dumpor also offers the same feature as SmiHub.

How to use the website of SmiHub?

Users can access the SmiHub tool for free, and as we have mentioned earlier, there are also no upgradation charges included. So, anybody can easily access the SmiHub website.

SmiHub FAQs:

  • What are the SmiHub alternatives?

A: SmiHub is the best anonymous tool for viewing Instagram profiles. However, there is also an alternative that you can use in place of SmiHub, and that is IMGINN.

  • Is SmiHub safe to use?

A: SmiHub is a legal and open-source platform, and there is no fear of scamming. Therefore, SmiHub is entirely safe to use.

  • Are SmiHub and Dumpor same?

A: Yes, SmiHub and Dumpor are the same. has changed its domain to, but other than the name, every service remains the same.

Alternatives to SMIHUB


So, here we have discussed the significant matters related to SmiHub. This is one of the best Instagram analytical tools. SmiHub is legal, so there are no risks of hacking associated with this tool. You can easily use it for viewing others’ stories, videos, images, likes, and comments anonymously.

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