Sofurry: Complete Guide to Sofurry Search Engine and Creative Furry World in 2022

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When you see a cute furry talking and showing emotions like humans, it feels like a different world altogether. People have been crazy about the furry world and these kinds of animations, stories, and artwork. Sofurry is a unique platform for all those people who love furries and Anthropomorphism. Sofurry community started back in 2002 and had no content regulation initially. Since then it was relaunched a couple of times. Today, So furry has more than 500,000 registered users with more than 1,000,000 submissions of creative content with great regulations on its content and quality.

What is Anthropomorphism

Anthropomorphism is assigning human traits, behaviors, and feelings to a non-human object or other living beings. In other words, when a non-human object or living being behaves and expresses feeling live human, it is called Anthropomorphism. This phenomenon is the core of most of the stories, movies, books, and other literature where non-humans play major roles. An interesting branch of Anthropomorphism is a furry world where people create art related to Furry animals like wolves, lions, cat,s and even some imaginary non-humans.

Credits : zephyxus

What is Sofurry World has come from its earlier version of it called Yiffstar, which was a collection of erotic furry artwork, music, and fictional stories. Sofurry is a complete relaunch from Yiffstar with no sexual or adult content. Now So furry com has become a pure furry artwork website with no erotic or unpleasant content. This has become a large community of people that have a common interest, i.e. Furry. This interest has taken a large art form and has inspired a lot of artistic people across the globe. Today, anthro furry is one of the largest communities of its kind where Furry lovers come together to discuss their ideas, creativity, art, music, personal journals, and even business inspired by furry.

Sofurry Key Features

Creative Categories

Sofurry is a great community of furry enthusiasts. People from different types of art backgrounds come together to grow this community. Primarily, So furry offers 5 broad creative categories. let’s take a look at each one of these.


This is the first and probably the most important category of Sofurry. All the furry enthusiast painters, animators, digital creators create and share their artwork here. One can find numerous categories and tags while searching for a specific furry artwork. As far as the animal tags are concerned; canine, lion, mammal, jackal, wolf, kovu lion king, beastmen, goku and chichi, anthro wolf furry wolf, anthro dragon, hyena furry, anthro shark, bear fursona are some of the official tags. Disney is one of those official tags that have a huge number of artworks under it. You can always find a furry based on gender too like gay furry, furry vore.


If you have already found your favorite furry from the artwork section, it now time to choose the relevant music. Furry enthusiast music and sound creators across the globe collaborate in this section to create amazing furry music. Be it a wild wolf or a romantic full moon night, this section has music for every situation and scene. Remix, Sci-fi, and Experimental are the official tags in this section however mashups are in unofficial tags that have more than 900 music/sounds already. This section has a lot of dialogues and conversational sounds as well.


Creativity goes to the next level in this section. All the furry lover writers are publishing their stories, novels, comics, short stories, and anecdotes in this section of Sofurry. One can find a massive collection of text and stories in this section. You can find all the genres for stories like drama, romance, horror, comedy, and funny. These stories are a paradise for readers and have all the amazing furry characters like Human, Cow, Bunny, Cat, Fox, and whatnot. This section is so huge that Sofurry has a different website called Sofurry Search engine to offer easy access to this literature.


This section of Sofurry Search engine allows users to add creative photos related to the furry world. You can find funny furry costumes, cars, toys, and other furry-related photos. It’s a great place to find creative furry costumes and party ideas.


This Sofurry category is an extension to Stories section. Sofurry Search engine registered users can post their daily activities and journals in this section. The creative furry fans go beyond imaginations to create amazing journals everyday.


This section of Sofurry enables you to earn some money out of your creativity. If you are a Furry enthusiast and creative enough to craft some amazing commission, you can use this marketplace to sell your art and make some money. Sofurry users and visitors get options to post offers and requests. Those who are brilliant at creating furry artwork, music, and journals can create and post their stuff on this marketplace to sell. On the other hand, those who are looking for any specific furry-related artwork can post their request on this so furry marketplace with all the relevant requirements. Other registered users of anthro furry can browse through these requests and try to deliver them with their skills. The best part of the marketplace is, it is a no-fee marketplace. Sofurry Search engine does not cut any amount as a facilitator of this marketplace and you get full money for the work you do.


Furry world is huge and there are a lot of subcategories. One artist cannot be a pro in all the fields and that’s the reason for this section in If you are particularly interested in an art or a subject, you can join the related group and enhance your experience. The famous Furry groups in Sofurry are Canine Furry, Dragon Males, Wolf Furries, Pokémon/Pokémorphs, gay vore, anthro cat, sylveon anthro, fox fursona, anthro fox, furry gay, bear fursona. Apart from these popular groups, there are few attractive furry galleries too. Do check out Canine Furries, Squeaky Clean Club, and Scalies of SoFurry.


This section of Sofurry is especially for registered users. If you are a registered member, you can always get into these chat rooms and discuss your favorite furry. These chat rooms are fun and learning places. A lot of members use these chatrooms to discuss the creative ideas and upcoming features of prominent furries.


All the new things happen here. The forum section of this website is a place where all the latest announcements are made. There are few interesting forums to welcome new members of Sofurry community. Some forums organise art based contests and some are there to discuss the ideas to make furry cooler. This section is probably the most happening section of and one can really have a great time in these forums.

Sofurry Search Engine

furry Search Engine

Furry search engine ( is just an extension of Sofurry stories, journals, and other artwork. Sofurry stories and art collections are so huge that it required its own search engine for its users to find the most relative content. If you are a person who is into anthropomorphism and loves furries, sofurry search engine can offer you unlimited creative items. People who love highly imaginary movies, cartoons, stories, and tales look up to this furry search engine to find amazing content.

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