Streaming Content on Your Site: How to Make the Process Easier for Users?

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If you offer streaming content on your site, you need to ensure that there is a good end process in place for your users. They need to be able to interact with the content easily, and there will be many options open to you as you try to work out how you can best deliver it to them. Here are some of the considerations you can make to ensure that things are the best they could be.

The Right Player

First of all, you need to make sure that you have a good player in place to support your streaming content. With the right platform in place from the beginning, you will quickly find that you are able to focus your attention in other areas that might need it more.

If you are a smaller company, it might be worth creating a partnership with another brand to best achieve this. Working with something like Red Bee Media OTT services will give you the expertise that you need to ensure that your streams are the best they can be. After all, this is the main selling point of your brand. You need to ensure that you have a good streaming platform so that customers will want to keep using you time and time again, there is no other way around it.

Language and Closed-Captions

In addition to ensuring that you have the right platform to stream from, you need to make sure that you have good support in other areas too. For example, you should think about adding in language support if you know that you will receive a lot of interest from people whose first language might not be English. Dubbing for videos and translation for written materials will go a long way to make someone feel more included when using your content.

You should also make sure to include closed captions in your video content. These are often required and are very different from subtitles. You need to ensure that yours are high-quality and perfectly describe your content, regardless of the language that they might be in, if you want to make your audience feel as welcome as possible.

Easy Search

How easy is it to navigate your site at the moment? As the developer, you might find it very easy to get from A to B since you know which steps to take. Pause, and consider how things might look from someone who is visiting your site for the first time. How easy will it be for them to get to the content that they wish to find?

This is why it is vital that you include a comprehensive search function on your site. Try grouping your content by genre or by some other label and allow users to browse them. Just as you might try to find a comedy by looking at the section on a movie streaming platform, so must you think and try to apply a similar structure to your own content here. The easier it is to browse and find things, the more likely it will be that your users will hang around and check more content out at your site when they have concluded their initial exploration.

Creating a great site for streaming goes far beyond content creation. You need to ensure that the site itself is high-quality and able to offer lots of services that your audience will want to take advantage of. Things like language support and closed captions are the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things that you need to bring together to make a streaming site your audience will love.

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