The Best Subscriptions To Treat Yourself With In 2023

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Do you feel you deserve a treat? Have you recently gotten a promotion at work, or have you got a lot on in your personal life with your kids?

 Most people have a lot going on in their lives, meaning that if you have been feeling stressed, you deserve something that will help to brighten your day. Depending on your personality, this could be something like a spa day or a round of golf, or if you are more engaged in decadence occurring in the home, this could be the perfect time to invest in a subscription box.

In 2023, subscription boxes are incredibly popular and range from perfumes to books, depending on your particular area of interest. Best of all, you can get them on 6-month to 12-month subscriptions, meaning that you will receive a new gift in the post every week or every month. So, that’s something to look forward to.

What are the most luxurious and fun subscription boxes? Read on to find out!


Of course, chocolate is at the top of the list!

Chocolate subscription boxes are all the rage in 2023, and it’s not only around Christmas. People love chocolate because it tastes great, can be paired with wine, fruit, and even cheese, and it boosts feel-good brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.

Chocolate boxes that are delivered will typically consist of higher cocoa chocolates, fruit-based chocolates, and even regional chocolates that you won’t be able to get at your local supermarket. So, open the bar and treat yourself!


A cheese subscription box goes far beyond cheddar! There will also be Gouda, Brie, Manchego, and an entire array of different smoked cheeses and fruit-based ones!

In some cases, these subscription boxes will come with cheese knives, cheeseboards, and even complimentary dried fruits. In others, you will just get the cheese! So, if you want to build up your cheese collection and get a striking cheeseboard to show off at dinner parties, you may need to pay more. In some cases, you can opt for a cheese and wine subscription, which can add a more adult theme to this gift to yourself.


There is an age restriction on this one, but investing in a cocktail subscription can be worthwhile if you are trying to build up your cocktail cabinet.

These subscriptions may or may not include the cocktail shaker, the cocktail glasses, and the base cocktail ingredients, but if you choose this type of subscription, it may be more pricey than standard cocktail subscriptions.

These boxes are also usually larger than many of the other items on this list, meaning that with each delivery, you will usually receive more bits for your cabinet. Of course, no cocktail subscription box is complete without itemized cards that show you how to mix the cocktails. As you may have guessed, in most of these subscription deliveries, you will receive a card showing you how to mix the ingredients that have arrived in that delivery. Or there may be a QR code for you to scan, which will lead you to the associated website. Great!


Coffee is another popular and tasty subscription idea that many people are opting for in 2023, and not only due to long working hours!

Many people now have coffee machines in their homes and may be subscribing to coffee pod subscriptions or even coffee bean subscriptions, which they can grind at home. The coffees you will usually receive will be from different parts of the world and will also have different strengths for you to try out, making that morning routine more interesting. Best of all, when it comes to coffee subscriptions, if you find that you like a particular type more than another, you can opt to have it delivered again.


If you are a fan of having flowers around your home to brighten it up, then an obvious choice that will leave you feeling excited about the next delivery would be a floral subscription box. These are typically delivered once a week or every two weeks based on the flowers’ longevity. Best of all, these flowers are seasonal, so you may find that you will get sunflowers one week, and the next week, you will get carnations, roses, and lilies. Don’t worry! The bouquets are not simply shoved through your letterbox and will usually be delivered in a package that can be slotted through the letterbox for you to arrange as you wish.

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