The Best Used Cars to Buy In 2021

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Consumers wanting to purchase the perfect used car are faced with a huge number of variables. These include aesthetic fashion (which influences price), spare parts availability, performance, reliability, maintenance simplicity, and technological trends. The whole process of finding a used car can feel rather labyrinthine. This article is written to make choosing a used car a little bit easier. It lists the best used car in every category as of 2021. Remember to always inspect and test drive any used car that you are looking to buy because some defects only become apparent on the road! If you are in doubt, always have an independent mechanic come and take a look at the vehicle before you purchase it.

The Best Luxury Car

The Mercedes S Class is a wildly luxurious car available at oddly good prices from second-hand dealerships like the Car Centre used cars Northwich. It has features that put Bentley and Rolls Royce models that cost ten times as much to shame. So if it is a luxury limousine or prestige family car you are after, look no further than the S Class.

The S Class might be a luxury limo, but it packs a real punch under the hood. This balance of luxury and performance makes it a brilliant buy. Some used models go for less than £20,000. This is a real steal for a top range luxury car.

The Best MPV

Multi-Purpose Vehicles – otherwise known as people carriers – are versatile cars approaching the size of small vans. They are perfect for large families or touring bands on a budget. Auto Express named the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso the best used MPV of 2021. It is comfortable, economical to run, and has a great deal of space for passengers and cargo. If you are looking to haul a large group around without splashing out on a minivan or SUV, the Picasso is a great choice.

The Best Hybrid

Hybrid cars use a combination of electrical and fossil fuel powerplants, making them very economical to run. The BMW 330e beats the well-loved Prius on this list as the best-used hybrid because of its luxurious interior and great battery. As plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles become more commonplace, expect the market to blossom accordingly. Second-hand electric cars do run into issues to do with battery life, but this will likely be addressed gradually with each generation of the electric vehicle.

The Best Convertible

There is no real competition in this category: the same old character wins every single year. The mighty Mazda MX-5 is a nimble, fun little convertible available at astonishingly low prices on the second-hand market. There is a reason that you see so many of these diminutive sportsters on the road.

The Best Van

The Ford Transit Van is a classic. It has a long history of outclassing competition regarding affordability, performance, and durability as a working vehicle. Because of the sheer number of Transit Vans that have been produced, they remain a remarkably affordable way of acquiring a first-class work vehicle on the second-hand market. This dominance is not likely to end any time soon. Transit Cans are available in a number of different sizes and configurations and can often be found on the second-hand market with third-party customizations such as cherry pickers fitted.

The Best City Car

City driving requires a great deal of stopping and starting, the ability to park in tight spaces, and extremely good fuel economy. The best city cars on the used market are clean little runarounds with a small footprint. Although the Czech manufacturing giant Skoda has a history of being derided in automotive circles, they produced a classic city car in Citigo. A good quality used Citigo will set you back less than £4000, but don’t be fooled by the price – it is a truly great design. Compromises between performance, economy, and space have been balanced extremely finely, leading to a well-rounded vehicle. Although designed primarily for city use, the Citigo is quite at home on long drives thanks to a well-designed cabin and a very economical engine. A 1.0-liter edition with under 100,000 miles on the clock is a great find.

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