The Main Areas Of Your Business That Will Benefit From Optimization To Improve Overall Efficiency

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Hand in hand with productivity, your company’s efficiency levels are paramount to the level of success you will achieve within your industry. That being said, here are the main areas of your business that will benefit from optimization to improve the overall efficiency of your company.

Your Warehouse and Stock

However large or small your business, outsourcing the management and running of your plant warehouse operations and using an objective third party to take a look at your inventory optimization can be a large contributing factor in the increase of your overall business productivity levels.

Whether you are currently experiencing a lower than expected warehouse productivity level, a poorer standard and quality of products, a lapse in the delivery of your stock in a timely fashion or a mismanagement of quantities of different stock items, warehouse management can significantly improve all areas of your company’s production model using the Lean philosophy.

Depending on the company you choose to handle your warehouse productivity management, the practical application of the lean philosophy will understandably vary, however each warehouse management business tends to follow a similar, five-step process when applying the lean tools and techniques to a business.

  1. Understanding the Current State of Your Business
  2. Identifying all Steps in Your Business that Fail to Add Value
  3. Determining How to Eliminate Those Steps
  4. Creating the Future State of Your Business
  5. Building a Sustainment Plan for Your Improved Business to Move Forward

Your Workflow Processes

Your workflow processes essentially encompass your day to day running of your company and simultaneously the processes and procedures your business has in place to consistently and constantly achieve goals and targets.

There is a plethora of ways to work on and improve every process within your business model and most strategies apply across the board, from the warehouse to the manager and everyone in-between.

One of the main ways to improve your workflow processes is to start to batch similar tasks together by creating exact and set times to give your attention and focus to a particular group of similar duties. For example, if part of your role is to answer any customer or client feedback and suggestions, or even complaints, set aside an hour specifically to dedicate to this and this alone.

Ban Procrastination … and Don’t Procrastinate!

Procrastination truly is the thief of time, especially when pertaining to the world of work and even more so when you are in charge of running a business.

One of the easiest and relatively manageable ways of attempting to eradicate all sign of procrastination, both in terms of yourself and your employees, is to introduce a working timetable in order to manage time efficiently. Naturally, it would almost be a breach of basic human rights to enforce such a strict timetable, but for those members of your workforce for whom time management is a particular issue, taking the time to draw them out a personalized timetable would simultaneously show how much you value and respect them and ultimately go some way to increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of your business as a whole. 

Change Ineffective Ways of Working

Obviously, for your own time management and methods of working, it is up to you as the manager to improve upon your weaknesses. When it comes to addressing the ineffective working methods of your employees however, there are a variety of tried and tested methods to optimize their working performance.

One of the main problems with just one employee who is ‘falling short’ is that this disruption and general lack of effective work practice leads to a knock-on effect which will inevitably result in other employees falling behind. For example, if you run an office and one of your employees has become entirely disillusioned with their role in the company, they are unlikely to keep these feelings of unrest and dissatisfaction to themselves and quickly you will find other employees will start to display a similar level of demotivation and even disruptive behavior.

There is a plethora of tried and tested methods that have been proven to encourage employees to work harder, including establishing a more welcoming and inviting atmosphere and general working environment, encouragement and praise where appropriate, an increase in the level of duties and responsibilities and the introduction of an employee incentive scheme.

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