The Most Popular Movie Genres: A Basic Guide

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Did you know that seeing an awesome movie could actually change your life? Recent studies show the psychological impact of seeing a good movie is stunning. A flick could help you navigate life’s troubles and even encourage you to seek out your dreams!

The most popular movie genres often reflect these important themes.

Are you interested in learning more about what types of movies are the most well-received? Read on to discover the most popular movie genres and how to choose your next movie night flick.

1. Action

Throughout history, action stories and films have always been popular. In 2021, action movies grossed a whopping 51% of all ticket sales in North American theaters!

If you’re planning a movie night, then an action flick is often a great choice. Most people will get into the story and enjoy the show.

2. Drama

Drama is the second most popular movie genre. These movies are often emotional and realistic. They explore real life scenarios and topics. Often, the stories are honest and put the human struggle on full display.

For some, dramas can be too serious and sensitive. This is especially true if you’re planning a fun get together with a big group.

3. Comedy

Who hasn’t felt the weight and stress of the pandemic? With all the stress and chaos going on, we could all use a good laugh. That’s because laughing creates those ‘feel-good’ hormones that make us happier.

The production of these happy feelings is why so many get drawn to the comedy genre.

Comedy shows make us feel good, relaxed, and refreshed. They’re often a go-to choice for parties or big groups.

4. Horror

Were you expecting to see horror movies on this list?

While these movies aren’t for everyone, there’s something universal about horror flicks. That’s because it’s natural to want to explore the unknown. It’s also thrilling, too!

How to Pick Your Flick

The above genres are all great choices when you’re planning a movie night. The most popular genres might not always be the best choice for your audience, though. Always consider the setting, who will be watching the show, and the age of your viewers.

By doing so, you’re sure to pick a flick that everyone can enjoy.

To upgrade your experience, consider getting a backyard movie screen. Bring your own candy, popcorn, and drinks. Dim the lights, hit the play button, and enjoy your night!

Navigating the Most Popular Movie Genres in 2022

The most popular movie genres haven’t varied much over time. Let’s be honest — action and drama have always been a focal point of stories and movies throughout the ages. That’s why these are often go-to choices on movie nights.

Whatever your preference, be sure to consider your audience. That way, everyone will have a good experience.

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