The Relation between poor blood circulation and erectile dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is a widespread sexual dysfunction that happens in men and there is currently no permanent treatment for it. This disorder robs a man of the ability to have erections or to make his erections weaker on arousal, making love difficult for him.

While this disorder does not have a complete cure as of now, medical science provides various forms of treatments for erectile dysfunction in men.

The most popular and recommended treatment for erectile dysfunction involves oral medicines such as Vidalista 20, which contains the inhibitory PDE5 drug Sildenafil, which is, by the way, the first medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Other therapies are also offered, including  testosterone injections, penile pumps, dietary changes, weight loss, including physical exercise and some surgical implants.

There are therapies that also require counselling or talk therapy that could be given to you by a sex therapist if the disorder is unique to sexual issues.

All medications available for the treatment of ED are administered to the person suffering from this disorder after careful consideration of their symptoms, their current medical conditions as well as the cause of the condition.

It would be understatement to suggest that the cause of the disorder plays a decisive role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and impaired blood circulation is one of the most common causes of  ED.

The relation between poor blood circulation and ED in men:

You must be conscious that our bodies have their own circulatory system of blood and that different parts of our body are involved in it, such as our lungs, our veins and our arteries.

The main function of our entire blood circulation system is to provide nutrients to the entire body through the blood and provide it energy for the various activities that keep us alive.

The heart pumps the blood that contains the nutrients assimilated in it, along with the oxygen that travels through our arteries to other parts of the body.

After different body functions are done, the cells in our body create waste products that can be considered cellular waste, which is taken back to the heart along with blood flow through the veins.

This entire process of pumping and filtering blood along with moving it into the different parts of the body through the veins and arteries is known as the circulatory system of blood.

If this phase does not proceed smoothly due to various causes, a person is said to suffer from poor blood circulation and there are various impacts that can cause various diseases as well as physical complications, one of which is ED.

One of the first associations between inadequate blood circulation and ED is that the former makes the heart vulnerable and unhealthful.

When your heart is unhealthful, you become vulnerable to the risk of multiple heart disorders that are further known to contribute to ED in men.

If you have signs of cardiac conditions, you should take preventive steps to keep ED at bay. Or if you have begun to show signs of ED, you will be able to avoid severe heart conditions if you visit a doctor and get a check-up as soon as you can.

If blood circulation is low, it can lead to hypertension, which is not good for both your body and your sexual health. Poor blood circulation can contribute to a narrowing of the arteries and veins and also the blood vessels so that the blood cannot flow as easily as it should through the entire body, including the male penile area.

Yet cardiovascular disease and narrowing of the blood vessels are caused by other factors as well as by insufficient blood flow.

People that smoke do a great deal of harm to their blood flow and you can find that most male chain smokers have ED.

Another leading cause of ED often causes impaired circulation of blood in the body, which is obesity. When a person becomes obese, he or she gains excessive fat cells in the body that cause poor blood circulation by restricting the blood vessels, arteries, or veins, and also causes the heart to become healthier.

Thus, we can infer that there are multiple physical causes of ED in men, and they cause impaired blood circulation in men’s bodies one way or the other, and cause a man to suffer from ED.

Good blood circulation is necessary for men to have erections because, when they are excited, the brain sends signals to the penile region to remind them of the excitement. The indication of sexual excretion of nitric oxide is created in that area. Nitric oxide widens the blood vessels of the penis so that more blood can flow into them and make the penis erect and hard that is needed to make love.

Men that suffer from ED due to inadequate blood circulation typically have weaker erections and, in some cases, there may be a total lack of erections. If physicians find fit, medicine such as Cenforce 100 and Kamagra Oral Jelly is recommended to men such as these medicines to assist in the development of nitric oxide and help in the smoother distribution of blood in the body.

Apart from PDE5 inhibitory medications such as Sildenafil and Tadalafil, your doctor might also ask you to make certain changes in lifestyle, such as stopping smoking or doing some physical activity to increase your blood circulation naturally.

There are many fruit and veg, such as melons and leafy green vegetables, rich in nitrates, which are good for expanding the blood vessels and making way for better circulation of the blood.

Some men who have severe heart problems and are past their early years are not prescribed PDE5 inhibiting medicines because they can do more damage to their physical condition when providing relief from ED.

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