The Safest Places In The World For Male Solo Travelers

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Traveling solo can be one of the most rewarding ways to explore the world. It doesn’t matter whether you want to take Qatar Airways Cheap Flights or any other, you can reach many places that you can enjoy alone. Besides being a liberating experience, just visiting new places can lead to great self-discovery. With full control of your trip, without having to compromise on anyone else, traveling alone can also be fun and amazing.

Regardless of whether that implies moving at your own movement or abruptly changing plans spontaneously is up to you. While safety is always a concern when driving alone, you shouldn’t let it stop you from the journey of your life. From remote islands and cultural cities to historic sites and top tourist destinations, there are plenty of places to visit that will make you feel safe. What you only need to know the best places and spots that you must visit.

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New Zealand

The best thing now about visiting New Zealand is that you can reach it by taking cheap airline tickets. Solo travelers who love hiking, mountain biking, or other outdoor activities should not miss New Zealand. This is one of the most relaxing places in the world to travel to.Crime is low and almost every city has its own visitor information center with friendly staff to help you find accommodation or book activities. Or you can get help for accommodation from short term corporate housing of Barrow.

The best part is that there are endless experiences to experience, from the nation’s well known Great Walks to Lord of the Rings visits.


Iceland’s crime rates are low and its healthcare system is among the best in the world. With this added certainty, it’s no surprise that Iceland is a popular solo travel destination. Traveling alone gives you the freedom to move at your own pace with 130 active and inactive volcanoes to explore, Reykjavik’s vast array of museums Iceland is the perfect destination for solo travelers who like a packed itinerary. Additionally, if you need some time to slow down, relax in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon or join an organized guided tour to see the famous Northern Lights.

Gili Islands and Lombok

Not as busy as its more famous neighbor Bali, Lombok is gaining an excellent reputation among independent travelers looking to learn to surf, snorkel or dive. Inland, lush green rice fields extend all the way to the massive GunungRinjani volcano with waterfalls and hot springs. It’s also easy to reach the three smalls but increasingly popular Gili Islands off Lombok’s northwest coast – Trawangan is where the party takes place.

AustriaIndeed, even unpracticed independent voyagers, exploring the roads of Austrian Vienna will be easy breezy. While the city may be small, space is packed full of cafes, museums, and concert venues. Likewise, another Austrian city, Salzburg also fits very well in the small space and is completely friendly to individual tourists.


Finding Denmark, which regularly shows up in the main 10 arrangements of the most joyful and most secure nations on the planet, is a breeze for solo voyagers. It’s one of those places where the number of foreigners is one of the largest in the whole world. It’s also possible take Qatar Airways Cheap Flights to arrive at Denmark.

Most Danes speak English and are happy to help tourists navigate the area; some even welcome travelers to their homes for dinner. History buffs can admire Viking ruins and medieval castles, while that outdoors can join the locals on thousands of kilometers of bike paths that cross the country.


Algarve is one of the most popular destinations for solo tourists globally. The thriving hostel culture is affordable for solo travelers and provides the opportunity to meet new people. The country’s excellent transport links also mean you can get around some fantastic cities with ease. Visitors to Portugal could go on a food and drink tour to taste the delicious Porto port or the creamy pasties de Nata in Lisbon and spend time alone with other travelers along the way.


Japan is a fantastic country to travel alone as the locals are extremely friendly and welcoming to outsiders. While you can stay on the largest island, Honshu, which is home to the country’s capital, Tokyo, you should consider Hokkaidō instead. Hokkaidō is Japan’s most northerly main island, known for its volcanoes, natural hot springs, and ski areas.

But you have to beware that japan is one of the most expensive places on the planet so opting for cheap airline tickets is always a wiser option.


With a safe reputation and well-mannered people, Switzerland has become the top choice for solo travelers. While there, consider staying in the impressive and pedestrian-friendly city of Zurich, or consider going south to the shores of Lake Geneva, where you’ll find restaurants, nightclubs, and museums. When it comes to activities, eating the famous Swiss chocolate and then hiking to burn it is always a great option.

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