The Top 10 Best PC Games To Play On The Platform

Share the love is a massive hub for free PC games. You can download one of the best titles from a multitude of categories. The great thing about this platform is you can install the game directly on your desktop and laptop. Doing so allows you to launch the game directly from your computer. You wouldn’t need to go to a game client or use RAM-heavy apps. This client is also optimized to run on low-specs PCs. Now we know there are hundreds of games in, so we picked the top 10 best titles you can play on it.

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10. Enhance Your Colorful Gacha Club Life

Gacha Club is a fun online social app that lets you create your anime characters. You can live the life of a chibi protagonist and dress them up in unique outfits. You can get this title from so you can experience the magic in full-screen gameplay. You can get the most out of your anime life if you play it on full-screen.

9. Double The Horrors Inside Granny’s House

Horror games are terrifying if you’re fully immersed in them. One of the simplest but equally horrific titles in the genre is Granny. As the player, you’re stuck inside the old hag’s house and you must escape her home before she dismantles you to bits. This game is packed with nerve-racking sound design and a dark atmosphere. It’s best experienced on the PC with a headset on for maximum fear factor.

8. Never Lose Control in Bed Wars

Bed Wars takes the MOBA genre to a whole new level by having you fight against 15 other players in a 4v4v4v4 match. Your goal is to destroy the enemy beds while protecting yours. It’s an action-packed blocky world where anything can happen. This game requires quick reflexes, something only possible when you play on the PC with a keyboard and mouse. If you get it from then you’ll have access to customizable keymaps. You can edit your keyboard and mouse control for smoother gameplay.


7. Heighten The Adventure in King’s Raid

Like Gacha Club, The King’s Raid RPG is best experienced in full-screen gameplay. It offers stunning graphics and awesome combat animations that don’t go well with a tiny display. Its character designs are beautiful as well and marveling at them on an Android screen is just wasteful.

6. Relive The Nostalgia in Plants vs Zombies.

Plants vs Zombies was initially released as a PC title but behind a paywall. The unblocked version of PvZ in offers the same nostalgic experience. Get ready to fend off hordes of mindless zombies with the power of vegetation at your disposal! All in full-PC gameplay!

5. Stimulate Your Child’s Mind with Toon Blast

The bottom half of this top ten list talks about engaging and terrifying games. However, also offers fun educational games. Toon Blast stimulates kids’ minds by letting them play a simple color-matching game. You can use this title as their introduction to the PC

platform– which serves as the main tool in both learning and work.

4. Outmatch The Competition in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the iconic MOBA titles to-date and deserves the top 4 spot in our list. However, playing it with touch controls can be quite frustrating. It’s better if you also use the customizable keymap feature of the client. That way, hitting the skills in the game is but a keyboard button away.

3. Save The World with Honkai Impact 3rd

Taking on the 3rd spot is the groundbreaking Honkai Impact 3rd. This was first released for portable platforms years ago. However, they decided to port it over to PC. The unblocked version offers an enhanced graphics experience along with optimized settings for low specs PC. If you want to maximize the anime action, then get it from

2. Enter The Battlefield of Garena Free Fire

First-person shooter games are always meant and will always be played on the PC. You can never go wrong once you do that 180 degrees no scope quick-fire. And what better game to practice that with than Garena Free Fire. This massive battle-royale shooter title offers fast-paced matches in a single interactive map. Pair your skills with the trusty keyboard and mouse to become an unstoppable force!

1. Experience The Award-Winning Among Us PC

The number one spot on our list goes to the Best Multiplayer and Best Mobile Game of 2020, Among Us. This multiplayer party game has hooked millions of players worldwide. The PC version is tucked behind a pay-wall like PvZ but the version is free-to-play. You can witness first-hand why this title deserved to be one of the greats in the Game Awards 2020. Try it out for yourself! Download one or two of these titles on your PC via for the ultimate gaming experience!

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