The Top Benefits of Whitening Your Teeth at Home

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A beautiful smile can change your life! While combating yellow and stained teeth can make you look not healthy and even ill, it also affects your social life. You may start feeling a bit embarrassed by the situation and even lose your self-esteem.

However, it’s not only the looks that are important but in many cases, those yellow and stained teeth aren’t healthy as well. That’s why every individual needs to take care of their teeth and practice regular oral health and preserve the health of the teeth.

Then if one has a bit of the normal yellowness and has a personal preference for whiter teeth, one can maintain the whiteness with regular use of the Crest Whitening Strip.

Tooth discoloration is one of the most common problems in dental health care. There are many blamers for this condition, and almost everything can be the cause – from nicotine to chromogen-rich foods.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Nowadays, teeth whitening has become more of a cosmetic dentistry procedure than a health-related one, but that’s completely normal, keeping in mind that this issue might affect one’s self-esteem.

Usually, the most budget-friendly option that gives extraordinary results to most people is whitening products in the form of strips and gels. Commonly used ingredients you’ll find in these products are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide who’ll act as a bleaching agent over stains and yellowness overall.

These home-use teeth whitening strips are something that hasn’t been seen before. Namely, the Crest Whitestrips Supreme contains one of the highest percentages of hydrogen peroxide approved for home use – 14%. Furthermore, the strips themselves are full of the potent whitening gel, providing no need for dental trays or dental impressions.

Pros of Teeth Whitening

Having your teeth whiter and enhancing your physical appearance will undoubtedly give you that positive vibe and boost your confidence and self-esteem completely. Furthermore, getting that thing you wanted that much will positively affect your psychological well-being.

Although teeth whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure, it’s much more than that. The benefits are more than just cosmetic related as you may have seen by yourself if you’ve ever had the chance or need to do a teeth whitening.

  • Serious self-esteem boost
  • A brighter smile means a brighter you
  • Improver oral care and therefore, dental health
  • Numerous mental health benefits

Potential Risks and Side Effects

Although teeth whitening at home may have several side effects like gum irritation and/or tooth sensitivity, it’s safe enough to be performed by one.

The main reason for gum irritation and tooth sensitivity isn’t the bleaching agents themselves, but the issue is with the whitening trays that do not fit their teeth grip well.

However, studies have shown that stronger than normal and in bigger percentages bleaching ingredients, i.e., stronger than the approved for safe home usage, can cause burns on the gums as well as an upset stomach. So, be careful with choosing your next teeth whitening product.

The risk of damaging your enamel while using do-it-yourself teeth whitening recipes is huge! In order to get the best possible results and maximize the chance of getting your teeth the whitest possible, our best recommendation would be to use dentist-approved products on your teeth exclusively. But because teeth whitening is considered a form of cosmetic dentistry, you may want to take a look at cosmetic dentistry in Houston, where you’ll be treated by professionals and are guaranteed a beautiful white smile without running the risk of damaging the enamel of your teeth.

How Often Should I Whiten?

Although the strips are made to be used twice a day, each day, for an average of 30 mins per day and a maximum of 20 days, we’d recommend using the strips every three to four days because one never knows how will the body react to a product, and whether or not a product is the right one for you.

It’s crucial to know your teeth’ limits before trying something like this for an extended period. There is no standardized guideline of how long you can use some product. Everything is subjective and depends on one’s teeth condition. For example, someone can achieve the desired whiteness in just three to four sessions, while someone else will have to do more than ten sessions. The most important thing is to find your own pace and follow it.

The Bottom Line

To preserve the health of your teeth and get rid of the temporary yellowness in your teeth, just by maintaining them with the above-mentioned Crest Whitening Strip, you’ll need to show some love teeth and take care of your dental health.

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