The Ultimate Guide to Ellora Caves

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If you like traveling and with this, you are an art lover then, Ellora Caves is a perfect destination for you. Caves of Ellora have spiritual importance. Other than this you will see unique scriptures and statues.

Ellora Caves is 30 Km away from Aurangabad City in Maharashtra.

These Caves were made between the 6th and 12th Centuries by descendants of Rashtrakoot. In the year 1983, this place was declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Places to visit in Ellora Caves

Ellora has 100 caves but only 34 caves are opened to the public.

Out of those 34 caves that are opened to the public, 12 caves numbered from 1 to 12 are related to Buddhism Religion.

Seventeen Caves Numbered from 13 to 29 belong to Hindu Religion.

And Other 5 Caves Numbered from 30 to 34 are related to Jain Religion.

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About Some Caves in Ellora

Kailash Temple In Cave No. 16

Now let’s learn about the Kailash Temple in Cave No. 16

The Great Kailasha Temple which is in Cave no. 16 is a must-visit place for you. It is one of the largest temples which is made out of a single stone.

This two-storied temple of Lord Shiva was made by cutting rocks. Inside the temple, you will see a big Shiva Linga, a statue of Nandi, two statues of an elephant, and two large pillars.

According to what you will see inside the temple, it can be said that the maker of the temple tried it to give the form of Kailash (Place where Hindu Lord Shiva used to live with his consort Parvati).

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Dashavatar Gufa (Cave No. 15)

Cave No. 15 is also called the Dashavatar Gufa. Here ten avatars of Lord Vishnu are shown.

Vishwakarma Gufa (Cave No.10)

You can also visit Cave No. 10 which is called Vishwakarma Gufa. This is a famous Cave which is related to Buddhism.

Rameshwara Temple (Cave No. 21)

Cave No. 21 is also called as Rameshwar Lena. Although this cave is similar to other caves, it has a number of unique pieces such as depicting the story of Goddess Parvati’s pursuit of Lord Shiva.

Chotta Kailasha (Cave No. 30)

This cave is named so because of similar carvings which are in Kailasha Temple of Cave No. 16. This temple has two larger-than-life-size reliefs of dancing Indra. One with eight arms and the other with twelve arms.

Both of them are adorned with ornaments and crown.

Like these Caves, there is different importance of different caves in Ellora. The designs of the walls, scriptures made by cutting the rocks, and the statues made inside the caves attract travelers to Ellora Caves.

After visiting all the thirty-four Caves and exploring the Ellora Caves, you can also go to nearby tourist places.

Places You Can Visit If You Are Going to Ellora Caves

Bibi Ka Maqbara

This is a tomb of Rabia Durani which was built in 1668 by Azam Shah, the Son of Aurangzeb.

Chini Mahal

This is a popular tourist spot in Aurangabad. It is a two-storied Castle.

Chatrapati Shivaji Museum

This museum is a treasure of equipment, war tools and coins from ancient times.

Ajanta Caves

You can also visit Ajanta Caves if you loved visiting Ellora. But Ajanta Caves is around 103 km away from Ellora.

Entry Ticket

Indian Tourist – 30Rs

Foreign Tourist -500Rs

Off Days – Tuesday

Best Time to go to Ellora Caves

Do not come here during summers. That is during April, May, June. Because at this time the heat here is at its peak.

Other than these months you are free to come here.

How to reach Ellora Caves

  • By Train

Ellora Caves is only 30 Kms away from Aurangabad Railway Station. From this railway station you can take a bus or taxi to go the Ellora Caves.

  •  By Air

If you want to go by air to visit Ellora Caves. Then Aurangabad Airport is the nearest airport to this place.

Ellora is 35 Km away from this place.

  • By Road

Aurangabad is also well connected with different parts of the countries by road. So, you can also come here by road. And after reaching Aurangabad you can easily hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Ellora

Frequently Asked Questions

(Q1.) Who built Ellora Caves?

(Ans) It was built by Krishna 1. He was Rashtrakuta King. It was built during 757-783 A.D.

(Q2.) How many Caves are there in Ellora?

(Ans) There are a total of hundred caves. But only 34 are open to the public right now.

(Q3.) How much time do I need to explore this place?

(Ans) You will need at least three to four hours.

(Q4.) How old is Kailash Temple in Ellora?

(Ans) The sixteenth Cave has Hindu Temple Kailash. According to historical records, it was built in the 8th Century by Rashtrakuta King Krishna 1. 

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