Things To Consider While Developing On-demand Cooking Gas Delivery App

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The Internet has changed the lifestyle of every common person. Everything from the grocery item to any big household is at your doorstep. Thanks to those mobile applications which enable people to avail the online service. Now developers are stepping forward and developing on-demand cooking gas delivery app. This will be another great revolution in the technological world.

Most of the developing countries are following this approach. Due to time-saving, fast, and convenient processes, it is emitting a different impact on the market. That is why many cooking gas cylinder agencies are looking for a profitable on-demand delivery solution.

This pushes developers to implement the best solution. For those who are planning to build a cooking gas delivery app, this article will be helpful. Here we will discuss every important thing which plays a significant role in this process. So, keep your eyes here.

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Features to consider while developing an on-demand cooking gas delivery app

For professional staff

Dashboard for admin:

Allow the admin to access every information. The manager should be able to view the request, availability of the driver and overall operation.

This keeps the overall process to the mark. The control panel should be strong and simple as well.

Analysis performance:

The team should be able to analyse the overall performance. They should also be able to check out all the metrics and statistics.

Moreover, it is important to give feedback to the driver about their performance. This will sharpen the process and make it smooth. This strategy should be transparent.

Smooth inventory: Inventory and transaction management should be smooth enough. It makes the operation fast and error-free.

Professionals are always interested in that solution which offers them an automated platform. In making a robust solution it tries to offer automated features.

For end consumer

User profile:

Your customer is interested in making his or her profile. This makes it convenient to manage the account well. So, integrate this feature with all simple accessibility.

Discount section:

Customers are curious to know the discount and rewards. No doubt every professional provides discount and loyalty points to the customer. But it is better if there is a separate discount section in the gas delivery app development.

Push Notification: A push notification is a good option which keeps your customer bound to the service. Keep your customer updated with your latest information.

This will help in knowing the on-going strategy of the operation.

Secure payment:

Every customer who is making an online payment is conscious about security. No one wants to lose a single penny while doing the transaction.

So make it sure you integrate a robust and secure transaction concept. Moreover, neglecting so many transaction options could be another mistake. Allow your customer to have multiple payment options.

Route optimization:

The most important feature in any on-demand application is finding the correct route. Make sure you integrate a simple navigation process.

It helps the driver to reach out to the exact destination while selecting the shortest route. This saves the time of the driver and cuts down the fuel cost for the company as well.

Track the driver:

About 80% of customers are curious to know about the order status. From the request to the end delivery of the product, they want to know the end to end information.

So tracking the driver and order status is another factor which could make your app popular. Integrate the best operation for customers to track the driver. Contacting the driver could be another cherry on the cake concept.

Real-time availability:

It will help your customer to know the availability of the gas. In real-time, customers can easily check the availability of the gas cylinder. If it will be urgent the customer will easily put an order.

However, this type of feature is optional but it is good to consider it. 

What is the cost of developing an on-demand cooking gas delivery app?

In the international market, the cost of developing the cooking gas delivery app is from $40,000 to $60,000. It can be even more because the cost is depending on many features.

If you are planning to make an app you must go for the reputed developing company. This will give you the best application. But there is a budget issue then you can hire any freelance developer.

It is advisable to clear all points before the final decision. This will prevent any issue which may persist in future. Make out a good summary of the need and share it with the developer.

Additional important features

  • Error-free application: While interacting with the application, the common expectation of a user is to avail the error-free app. This will keep your end-user retained.
  • Offer other options: The other features like advanced filter, rating, reviews are also important for your application. The rating and reviews open a way to know your shortcoming and progress.
  • Lucid app description: Every user is smart enough. Before downloading the application the customer read the app description carefully. So make your description with all full details.
  • Latest technology: Say goodbye to old strategy or techniques. Only the latest technology could be a boon for your app.
  • Make it as per customer point: Keep your end-user in your mind before implementing the application. This will cover out all the important features and you will never miss them.
  • 24/7 support: It is a good choice if you provide 24 hours customer support. But make sure you provide a dedicated customer support team. No customer loves delay in reply.


On-demand cooking gas delivery will be in high demand in the coming time. Developers have to follow smart and tricky features to make the app unique. With this, only the exact goal will be achieved. Soon in the coming time, new features will come out. It is because the modification is a part of technology.

For now, following the above guidelines, one can get the best on-demand gas cooking app. So, just work on these concepts and grab your desired app.

We love to know your thoughts and suggestion so just share your words in the comment box below.

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