Things you’ll Appreciate Knowing About Ultrasonic Nebulisers

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Nebulisers are essential devices that enhance the effectiveness of the medication. It allows the medication to go deeper into the lungs. A nebuliser is part of life when having respiratory problems like asthma. There’s no need for professional assistance to use this device especially during times when you need it most. Additionally, everyone can use a nebuliser including infants, children, and adults. Read on to discover things you’ll appreciate knowing about ultrasonic nebulisers.

What are ultrasonic nebulizers?

Among the types of nebulisers, this article is going to focus on ultrasonic nebulisers. These work using a transducer that releases ultrasonic waves to alleviate chronic illness and asthma symptoms. Using an ultrasonic nebuliser requires minimal patient coordination. However, this type of nebuliser offers faster breathing treatments without the need to mix saline for the medication. More so, ultrasonic nebulisers don’t need a compressor.

How does an ultrasonic nebuliser work?

An ultrasonic nebuliser needs a source of power for creating ultrasonic sound waves in series. The sound waves are responsible for breaking down liquid into tiny particles that subsequently turn into vapor. The nebuliser has a fan for propelling the vapor into your mouth. Unlike other types of nebulisers that deliver medication in mist form, ultrasonic nebulisers give off medication in form of a fog. This has minuscule particles that travel more deeper into your lungs for faster relief.

Types of ultrasonic nebulisers

Portable ultrasonic nebulizer

When looking to buy nebuliser for sale, it is important to understand the options available on the market. Portable ultrasonic nebulizers are small enough to fit in the palms and require a battery for power. This allows handy operation during an asthma attack. Portable nebulisers are the best solution for quick relief when having lung and throat pain. You can use this type of nebuliser while on the go since you always keep it handy. The compact device doesn’t need a compressor.

Desktop ultrasonic nebuliser

The second type of ultrasonic nebuliser is larger to dispense colorless water vapor in huge amounts into the surroundings. This nebuliser is stationary and works as a humidifier especially for patients having severe breathing complications. In fact, this ultrasonic humidifier distributes has fans for distributing mist and increasing the humidity in that room. Despite the side, both portable and humidifier nebulisers rely on the same mechanism for nebulizing medication particles.

Why use an ultrasonic nebuliser

Handheld or tabletop versions

Everyone had different requirements to use an ultrasonic nebuliser. Luckily, there are handheld and desktop versions of this nebuliser. So, you have a chance to choose the nebuliser design most appropriate to your requirements. Portable nebulisers are compact and small to fit in your backpack. Alternatively, desktop nebulisers have very heavy compressors to make them more appropriate for stationary use such as an office. A portable ultrasonic nebuliser is ideal while traveling or home.

Speedy of delivery of medication

Ultrasonic nebulisers rely on high-frequency vibrations for vaporizing medication. This makes them ideal when you have chronic breathing problems. When having severe breathing issues or asthmatic, you have to get your medication immediately. Fortunately, an ultrasonic nebuliser is quick and painless. In fact, the device delivers a desired effect in about five to seven minutes. This makes ultrasonic nebulisers a great choice for immediate results when having breathing difficulty.

Low noise performance

One key factor when selecting a nebuliser is the noise level. Fortunately, ultrasonic nebulisers offer noise-free operation. This is a wonderful feature, especially when having to take your medication at night or for the baby. An ultrasonic nebuliser offers optimal comfort while in use without bothering anyone nearby. The power from the battery of this kind of nebuliser ensures noise-free performance.

Long lasting battery

An ultrasonic nebuliser relies on a battery for power. Fortunately, the battery supports about six to seven sessions before replacement. This ensures that you have the device handy just when you need it in life-threatening situations. There’s no need to worry about replacing the battery after a single use.

Maintains quality of medication

Finally, when you use an ultrasonic nebuliser to take your medication, there’s peace of mind that the quality is not altered in any way. This is because the device uses ultrasonic waves instead of heat or other external sources that might compromise the quality of the medicine.

The molecular form of the active chemicals in medicine changes on exposure to heat. This has a risk of decomposing the medicine making it less potent. Besides, there’s peace of mind that the medication is not going to give you negative side effects.

Bottom line

A nebuliser is a handy device for anyone with breathing complications. Luckily, there’s a portable model that you can move with everywhere. An ultrasonic nebuliser is a great buy for its noiseless performance and ability to deliver life-saving medication very fast. You can get an ultrasonic nebuliser from a reputable retailer online. Quality brands have proven performance, durability, and efficiency.

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