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Do you want to start sleeping better at night? I’ve had problems catching Z’s sometimes and from my experience, one of the best methods is simply to design your bedroom in a way that improves your sleep environment. This can include factors like furniture, décor, and the best mattress to pick from. 

I’ve been surprised at how effective small bedroom changes have helped me sleep better. Did you know that just making changes like adding some blue, green, or lavender wall paint can help relax you before bedtime? This is a lot easier than bedroom remodeling, which can require a lot more time, effort, and money.

Let’s take a look at some helpful tips to improve your sleep experience.

Sleep Environment for Sleep Quality

When we think of ways to get a good night’s sleep, the most obvious factors might seem to be the bed, mattress, and beddings. In fact, these factors can certainly affect whether you sleep like a baby or toss and turn all night.

A Good Sleep Environment

While this is one factor related to sleep quality, it’s also one of the most critical ones. For example, seeing warm-colored wallpaper and beddings can help you feel relaxed when you crawl into bed at night. Heavy curtains and sturdy blinds can block out outside light, whether it’s moonlight, street light, or house light.

The ultimate goal when creating the best sleep environment is to make it as sleep-friendly as possible. That probably sounds obvious, so we have to dig deeper into what the body and mind need to shut down for the night.

Creating a Sleep Sanctuary

It’s important to create a place where you can get away from the sights and sounds of your everyday life. This involves a sleep “sanctuary” that helps you improve your sleep quality.

For example, you should eliminate factors in a bedroom that can prevent people from falling asleep. Light that enters the windows might keep you awake at night. You should also design your room in a way that can reduce the noise level, whether it’s from inside or outside the house.

Even smells are a factor. So it’s important to replace strong odors with ones from sources like essential oil diffusers so you can sleep tight.

Bedroom Sights

Natural Elements

You can add some nature-inspired elements to your bedroom to provide a relaxing environment. This can include indoor plants, landscape paintings, and so on.

Many people enjoy the relaxing effects of natural elements in bedrooms.  This is greatly due to the calming and soothing effects of green. The color can help you fall asleep faster, like after you pick the right mattress for your good night’s sleep.

You can even pick furniture made of natural materials. This can have a similar effect when you see natural materials like wood grains. It can have a similar effect as items like greenery.

Less Clutter

When you’re falling asleep, the last thing you see shouldn’t be a cluttered bedroom. Regularly cleaning and tidying up your bedroom can help to keep it neat and organized. That can have a positive effect on your psyche so you can doze off faster.

Warm/Pastel Colors

When picking colors for wallpaper or wall paint, it’s a practical idea to go with soft colors like pastels. Another good option is “warm” colors like blue, green, and violet. Studies show these colors can have a calming effect, which can help you doze off at bedtime.

Meanwhile, colors on the other end of the light spectrum including red, yellow, and orange, will have the opposite effect. The reason is such bold colors can make you more alert and prevent you from catching Zs. In fact, it’s possible since seeing such colors can boost blood pressure and heart rate.  

Bedroom Sounds

Fluffy Fabric

This can be added to furniture and carpets to help muffle the sound. You can also get some other benefits like soft texture and good aesthetics. Keep in mind that such upholstery and carpeting will also be tougher to maintain. This is one of the main trade offs you get from less bedroom noise.  

Curtains and Blinds

Dark curtains and thick blinds can be effective to help minimize light in the bedroom. They can also help to block sounds. Go with thick curtains and metal blinds over fabric units to get the best soundproofing from your window treatments.

Soft Music

This can set the mood of a bedroom. You can go with different options like classical, instrumentals, and meditation music. Soft music is the best option since it can help your whole body to calm down. When that happens, you’ll be more likely to fall asleep sooner.

Bedroom Smells

Aromatherapy Diffuser

This is an effective way to fill the room with relaxing scents like lavender. Various studies show that these essential oils tend to have the biggest calming effects. Aromatherapy not only can provide benefits during the day but also when sleeping.

Natural Plants

While the green appearance of these plants can help you to stay calm, another benefit is the scent. You can add plants like chamomile and lavender since their scents can help to induce sleep. Besides having a good scent, this can also help to calm your mind and body so you can doze off.

Feel and Function

Lower Temperature

Studies show that an ideal room temperature for high sleep quality is actually a little under room temperature. This is especially important for people who “sleep hot.” It can cause night sweats and make it tougher to stay cool when sleeping.

Sleep-only Zone

This is important since it can help to remove distractions like TV sets, PC/Mac, and novels/textbooks. These items can create a distraction even if you use them to improve sleep quality.  You should also consider avoiding eating and snacking for the same reason.

Remove Electronic Devices

This is the Digital Age so it might seem tough to remove all TVs, several desktops/laptops, and smartphones/tablets. However, one of the main issues is the lights created by LEDs/LCDs. This can cause effects like eye strain, which can keep you from sleeping.

If you’re going to use electronic devices in your bedroom make sure to switch them off at least one hour before bedtime.


If you want to get more shut-eye at night then you can improve the sights, sounds, and function of your bedroom. Even the best mattress to pick from can help by providing the quality, support, and comfort to create a sleep-friendly environment. Even the room’s feel can help you feel at ease so when you close your eyes at night you’ll feel relaxed and rested.

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