Tips to Make the Most out of Local SEO to Improve Business Ranking

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For most businesses providing non-essential goods or services, 2020 has been wrecked by losses because of the pandemic-induced lockdowns. For small and mid-sized businesses, the only way to survive is by targeting local clients.

Many regional entrepreneurs don’t realize the potential of local SEO. Any average local consumer is most likely to be searching for products/services in his/her vicinity, using a smartphone or tablet. They could be typing ‘best ice cream parlour near me’ on Google, or looking at their friend’s recommendation of a local hair salon on Facebook.

Getting featured in their search results or social media feeds is the best way to acquire new leads and revamp your business prospects. Here is a list of tips to make the most out of local SEO to improve your business ranking.

Get On-Site Local SEO done by Leading SEO Companies in Bangalore

As the IT-hub of India, Bangalore has many leading SEO companies. If you aim to target Bangalore-based clientele for your local business, seeking consultation from the best SEO companies in Bangalore is a good idea. Similarly, if you are a Chennai-based business owner, the best SEO Company in Chennai can help you in implementing powerful Local SEO strategies to acquire new customers.

For on-site local SEO, the most important aspect is to have your Google Maps location embedded on all the localized lading pages of your website.

Also, upload relevant and engaging posts optimized with local keywords regularly. Showcase your offerings in a manner that local search users who land up on your website should feel compelled to visit you or purchase from you.

Optimize your website for Voice Search

This is an emerging trend of local SEO that focuses on optimizing your localized landing pages as per the conversational keywords mostly used by voice search users. Therefore, in addition to conventional local search phrases, do give adequate importance to the keywords centred on popular voice-based searches.

Since this is an upcoming search behaviour, it is always wiser to consult a reliable SEO team or digital marketing agency for thoroughly understanding voice search behaviour, trends, patterns, and optimizing your online content accordingly.

Pay attention to Local Directory/Local Blog/Industry Authority Site Listings

Many business owners don’t give adequate importance to local directory listings. Based on the specific city and type of business you own, there could be several local online directories for the benefit of customers who are looking for specific products or services. Your SEO service provider can advise you best on which directories to enlist yourself, based on your category of services or products.

The most common names include Just Dial, Asklaila, Quickr, Urban Company, Yelp, Sulekha, Foursquare, IndiaMart, Zimmber, and so on. For Food Businesses, there are Zomato/Uber Eats Listings, and for Real Estate Businesses, you have the likes of Magic Bricks, and other similar sites.

Make your Google My Business Listing Stand Apart from Competitors

In such highly competitive times, it is not just enough to have a basic Google My Business listing. You should ideally have excellent reviews, high rating, attractive visuals, and detailed textual information to attract the attention of potential customers.

With the help of the best SEO companies in Bangalore, or the best SEO company in Chennai (depending on which city your business is located), you can ensure that your Google Business Profile looks top-notch, alluring, and gives the impression of being the best in your niche, area, or industry.

Pay attention to other Search Engines

On a completely separate note, maybe it is not a good idea to focus all your local SEO efforts towards Google SERPs. A small section of consumers also look for local businesses on Bing Places, Yahoo Local etc. Creating a holistic business listing on Yahoo and Bing is also a worthwhile idea, considering how intense the competition is nowadays.

Well-planned Facebook Advertisements

Most local businesses end up wasting money on Facebook ads because they don’t provide a strong call-to-action for users who click on the ads.

Not only do these social media ads have to be strategically placed to attract your target customers, these should also have a well-conceptualized, tried, and tested sales funnel to ensure high conversion rate optimization and getting the desired ROI from these paid advertisements.


Due to the lack of any concrete Local SEO strategy, most local businesses end up losing a lot of business. Leveraging the power of simple local SEO techniques can help you acquire the much-needed competitive edge to win over customers. Whether you own a B2C business or B2B business, having a strong online visibility for search engine users and social media users in your vicinity, will greatly benefit your business prospects.

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