Top 10 Interior Design Ideas for living room

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No matter how tired you are, a house is a place where you can be relaxed. For any person, his priority is his home. You can’t call home only home, it is the feeling of the people and happiness, where they can spend time happily with their family and create memories with them. You must have seen how many people dream of buying a house and if you have it then you are very lucky. It will be very difficult to build a house but it can be a little more difficult to make the house beautiful if you don’t know how to decorate it. 

Everyone likes to keep the house beautiful, but nowhere they can’t renovate their home due to a shortage of money. But if I can say that you can change your interior home design with less money! Yes, you read it and right.

You can decorate your living room as well as your home with the following top 10 ideas for your living room.

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Paintings and Feng-shui Statues

The living room is a place where we sit with our guests or spend time with our family. So we should keep that place positive. You can hang paintings on your walls like sceneries of animals and flowers, that will change the look of your wall.  To get out the negative vibes from your home you can decorate feng-shui statues in your living room that will make your living room feel positive vibes.

Lighten Up

You must have gone to a lot of houses and you have seen that many people put lights in the living room more than the bedroom. Then you also have to pay attention to lighting. I don’t say that you will invest money in expensive chandeliers and color lights. You just need one light tube that has good brightness. You can take LED bulbs whose prices are also low and the brightness is quite good.

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Carpets for flooring

Whenever a guest comes to the house, he checks out the flooring. If your flooring is damaged then it may take some money to get it fixed but you can hide the damage of your flooring with the help of carpets. The carpets look very elegant and give your room a classy look. 


Now talking about home and living rooms, how can we forget the door and windows? Just like everything has beauty. Curtains are the beauty of doors and windows. Curtains look good when it matches your wall paints. They not only make your home beautiful but also protects you from the outside atmosphere. When the sunlight falls on the curtains from outside, you can enjoy the sunset while sitting in the room.

Artificial or Indoor Plants

The blossoming flowers and lush green trees make your home beautiful and also change your mood. But all the plants are not of that type which can be kept inside. There are a lot of indoor and artificial plants available in the market which fit perfectly for your room. To give life to your living room, I would say that you must have indoor plants.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

In earlier times, a lot of mirrors were used to decorate the home. You must have seen most interior designers suggest you use mirrors as your decorative items. You can hang a fancy mirror on the wall. Nowadays, there are various types of fancy mirrors available in the market. Previously, the mirror was made to see the face, but now it’s part of an interior design.

Rearrange your old furniture

Furniture is one thing that we don’t change regularly. Or you can say that they are a one-time investment. But over time, the life of furniture decreases and sometimes we don’t have enough budget to get new furniture. So you can modify your old furniture. You can polish it or paint it again to give it a new life. 

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Storage Table

If your house is small then you will have the problem of storage. If you face such things, then you can use a small storage table in place of your side table. It will be also useful for keeping your belongings and will increase the show in your living room.

Amazing Wallpaper or Stickers:

The rest of all has their importance in the living room but the one most important thing is the paint and texture of the room. If this is not good, then no matter how much you decorate the room, there will be something missing. If you don’t want to paint your wall, you can stick wallpaper on one wall. It looks nice and it’s affordable for you as well.

DIY Tips

Want to throw out your old things? Wait for a second and let’s think about it! If you have a carton box in your house, you can cut it into square pieces and paint it. You can use different colors on each side of it and turn it into an abstract painting and you can hang it on your wall and it will change your entire room decor.

There is a ladder in everyone’s house which we only use once a month when we have to clean the fan and the rest of the day it’s kept untouched in the storeroom. You can decorate it in your living room too by painting it a bit. You can use it as a shelf or can decorate it by keeping a small showpiece. Believe me, these days these tips are on-trend and youngsters also like it very much.

 Final Thoughts:

At last, I would like to say that no matter what our home looks like, we love our home. There are so many things available in the market or on your search engine whose list I don’t think it will be over. So you have to search for yourself to see what you like plus it is important to take care of your budget.

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