Top 10 Tips to Build up a Professional Wardrobe in 2021

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During the journey of our life, a day comes when we all head towards a new direction and that is earning for our living. The corporate world has changed a lot throughout the years and so the dressing too. You must make sure to look relevant in your workplace atmosphere and that could be only possible by wearing elegant office wears.

Build up a professional wardrobe this New Year for yourself. If you are having any difficulty in choosing the outfits and attire relevant to your workplace, then you will surely find this post uses a lot. I have made a worthy list of the top 10 tips to create a professional wardrobe in 2021 and sure it will inspire you in building the best closet for your corporate life.

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Let’s start the list:


Simple is awesome and you shouldn’t skip simplicity even in your professional life. Corporate lifestyle and attire isn’t rocket science and you can rock the office floor even with your simplicity. Rotate your signature items and staples to acquire the best office look. Don’t experiment with a lot of things at a time, keep it minimal as well as simple.

Statement Pieces

For building a professional wardrobe you must invest in the staples as well as in a handful of statement pieces which will help you help you stand out in the crowd. Those statement pieces could be anything from fun purses to pastel socks and from patterned ties to statement laptop.

Invest in an array of office accessories and carry them according to your outfits and relevancy. Buy statement earrings, unique belts, wrist wears, hair accessories, etc especially for your office. These accessories can add surprising details and colors to your style overall.

Bring High-Quality Items

Most of your wardrobe items are never going to be out of style and if they are low on quality, then it will be difficult to use them multiple times. It a better idea to invest in a handful of high-quality wardrobe essentials, instead of flooding your professional closet with cheap and low-quality items. Your shoes, outwears, suits, watches can last for years and can be elegantly worn and interchanged with a lot of office wear.

Solid Foundation

Creating a solid foundation for your professional wardrobe is like building the foundation of a house. You need to make the base firm and add other statement items and accessories later. Go with neutral tones and other timeless essentials that remain in style for a long and capable of teaming with other outfits.

The foundation outfits for a professional wardrobe is different for men and women. For men, these essentials are elegant trousers, business jackets, shirts, ties, and great shoes. Women got more options such as professional tops/blouses, sweaters, fitted jackets, business skirts or pants, and elegant pairs of office footwear.

Three F’s

Considering the three F’s of office wear will help you master the best attire for any workplace. Your office wears must be more than just professional, relevant, and affordable. Go for the three F’s featured below to get most of your investment.

  • Fit – The fit of your outfit matters a lot and will decide the first impression. Make sure your office wear is perfectly tailored and capable of providing a better silhouette.
  • Fabric – Don’t be in a hurry while choosing the fabric of your office outfits. Don’t go with fabrics that require high maintenance such as the “only dry clean” feature. Choose fabrics that are wrinkle-free and can be easily ironed.
  • Feel – Carrying an attention-grabbing outfit that you don’t find comfortable wouldn’t be a great idea. Make sure to wear a dress which is elegant at the same time capable of providing great comfort.

Choose best Footwear

Whatever footwear you choose for your workplace says a lot about you. Ensure owning at least three pairs of classic office shoes (for men) and flats or low heels (for women). Go with trustworthy brands so your footwear always lasts for a long. Make sure to take great care of your shoes by polishing them regularly. Invest in some quality shoe care accessories and make your footwear look great even after years.

Look for Versatile Outfits

Include several outfits having great versatility and capable in paired with a ton of other office wears. Invest in outfits that never go out of style and a couple of neutral tones that can easily go with various outfits and provide a different look every time. Invest more in outfits that play the best role of the base and can complement most of your office wears.

Be Different and don’t worry about it

Being a part of a different ecosystem doesn’t mean losing your own identity. Choose wardrobe items that capable of flaunting your identity and not making you a typical corporate with a blue-collar. Never mimic or copy the style of your co-employees and always make effort to embrace the variation.  

Fuse your Personal Style

Looking like a corporate drone devoid in your work among your co-workers wouldn’t be great enough. Instead, fuse your personal style with your office look and build up your professional wardrobe according to it. Every person has his own identity and choices and you mustn’t abandon it.

For example, if you are a cheerful and color-loving person then teaming a bright blouse with your pencil skirt or pairing a colorful tie with your tailored business suit will be a great move. Accessorize your office look with other items including jewelry, wrist wear, trendy glasses, etc.

Know your Silhouette

Never join the rat race and wear according to your silhouette. Figure out what and what does not work for your silhouette and choose office wears accordingly. Doing this will help you get most of your investments and efforts you have made to acquire the best possible office look.

Bottom Line

Professional attire is different but it doesn’t mean to look like an alien in your office or being a part of the rat race, instead of keeping a balance in between would be a great move. The same can be done by building up a professional wardrobe and the tips featured here will no doubt help you.

If you are going to be a part of the corporate world for the first time, these tricks and ideas will help you acquiring the best outfit ideas for your workplace and if you are living in that ecosystem already, then these tips will surely help you upgrading your office attire this New Year.

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