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Top 11 Songs Based on Cities: Travel with Music

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Travel with Music! Though both are two different worlds on their own but the combination of these two worlds creates a super happy life. Listen to these top 11 songs based on cities and travel destinations that people love to go for.

Traveling to a place and listening to the music based on that city or country one is traveling to, creates an unforgettable impression and enjoyable time. It feels like the place itself is calling you and welcoming you with all its beatify and attractions.

Music contains the essence of the culture, dialect, food, nature, people, and places of the destination; and that’s exactly what we visit a place for, isn’t it?

Here is my list of top 11 songs based on cities that will definitely give you a positive thump. Caution: you might crave to travel to these places after listening to these if you have never been to. 

1. Welcome to “NEW YORK” – Energy booster pop song by Taylor Swift. Who doesn’t want to board a yellow cab in NY? The rise of the line “Welcome to New York” is special and glimpses the uniqueness of NY every time I listen to it.

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: 1989

Released: 2014

Genres: Electropop, Pop

2. “MEXICO” –  “Fire and rain” fame James Taylor, the splendid singer for folk and country genre. This one is a perfect song for a road trip to Mexico. Just groove of the line “Ohhh Mexico” while driving through the deserts of this country.

Artist: James Taylor

Album: Gorilla (1975)

Released: 1975

Genre: Folk

3. “BARCELONA” – Love for someone as deep as love for the place. This song tells a story of being in love because of being at a place. Close your eyes and melt yourself down in this 3 min song.

Artist: George Ezra.

Album:  Wanted on Voyage (2014)

Released: 2014

Genre: Blues/Pop

4. April in “PARIS” – A city with class, culture and sophestications, so is the song. Jazz lovers can never skip this song from their playlist. A Glass of wine, a plate of cheese and the “April in PARIS” can hypnotize you anytime.

Artists: Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald

Released: 1956

Genre: Jazz

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5. “SYDNEY” – A core country and homecoming song by Robin Gibb. Straight and basic chords song can explain how life and battle have been won and what a pleasure coming home is. Robin is not with us anymore, he died at the age of 62, in 2012.

Artist: Robin Gibb

Album: 50 St. Catherine’s Drive

Released : 2011

Genre: Country

6. “BUDAPEST”– Another one from George Ezra, more of a pop, less of a blues.  Ezra used the first 3 guitar chords he ever learned to write his first love song. Listening to this song will make you love this city every time you hear about it.

Artist: George Ezra

Album: Did You Hear The Rain?

Released: 2013

Genre: Pop

7. It was “LONDON– With the core feeling of being the British, this metallic indie song fills you with so much of energy. This song shows a different side of London we must be aware of.

Artist: The Kooks

Album: Listen

Released: 2014

Genre: Indie

8. The Wombats – “TOKYO” (Vampires & Wolves) – Meeting and getting back together with friends? What could be a better place than a bar in Tokyo? Great song for a reunion with friends or with your own past. Fun-filled, realistic electronic music.

Artist: The Wombats

Album: Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)

Released: 1993

Genre: Dance/Electronic

9. Welcome to Fabulous “LAS VEGAS” – If you are in Las Vegas, the morning music must be this one. Live the real-life in LA and don’t do the cliché.

“Didn’t nobody tell you the house will always win?” – If you cannot relate to this line, you better go to Las Vegas again!

Artist: Brandon Flowers

Album: Flamingo

Released: 2010

Genre: Alternative/Indie

10. Waka Waka (This Time For “AFRICA”) – You don’t need an intro to this, do you? No matter what corner of the world you are in, you can always live the dream of being in Africa with Waka Waka. A song for everyone’s triumph.

Artist: Shakira

Featured artist: Freshlyground

Album: Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

Released: 2010

Genre: Pop

11.  Going Down to “LIVERPOOL” – Retro-Pop lovers, this is for you. The desire of living in Liverpool and do nothing. Typical British wish is nicely portrayed with such an ease of music.

Artist: The Bangles

Album: All Over the Place

Released: 1984

Genre: Pop

P.S. -There are a lot of songs that are based on cities and countries but the above list in my top 11 songs based on cities. Listening to these songs will not just give you the idea of some places, but also will introduce you to different styles of music. Keep listening and traveling!

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