Top 5 Softwares For Real Estate Photographers

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The job of a Real Estate Photographers is to sell houses and buildings. Photographers in this field capture the prominent areas, whether it be residential or commercial, to market the building and successfully attracting clients.

Despite capturing amazing shots and aesthetic photos, Photographers still enhance their images through a wide variety of Photo Enhancing Software. Both Beginner and Professional Photographers enhance their shots to boost the quality, but still, maintain the authenticity of the image and here is the list of the best software that Photographers used for Photo Enhancements:

Adobe Photoshop

Starting with one of the most prominent of them all, Adobe Photoshop has a reputation of being versatile at editing and enhancements. Adobe Photoshop is best when it comes to image manipulation and includes several brushes for even the smallest touch-ups and details of your shots which are perfect for Real Estate Image Enhancement. Photoshop is great when it comes to comprehensive editing, retouch certain areas of the photo, remove or fix unwanted factors and elements, color-changing, and more.

Photoshop is not only used by Photographers, Designers, Illustrators and Artists (to name a few) also recommend this powerful software.

Adobe Lightroom

Other Software from Adobe is Lightroom. For some people, Photoshop might be too intricate or complicated due to its many tools and features. That is where Lightroom comes in.

Lightroom is simple, easy yet provides quality edits to your photos. The interface of Lightroom is quite similar to that of Photoshop, but without complex panels and tools everywhere on the screen. This really famous among Real Estate Photographers.

Lightroom excels in multitasking wherein you can simply organize your filmstrip and quickly adjust your photos in the same way, therefore, making Lightroom a more organized and cataloged making your enhancements faster and efficient.

Corel PaintSHop Pro

Just like Lightroom, Corel PaintShop Pro is very straightforward when it comes to editing images. This undemanding yet effective software is very easy to use, especially for beginner Photographers. Although not as advanced as the Adobe Software, it still manages to provide everything you need to touch up your images from brushes, templates, presets, and backgrounds.


When it comes to Real Estate Photo Editing, PicMonkey is considered the best. PicMonkey’s filters and touch-ups are fairly easy to use for both the pros and beginners to produce the finest edits on the images. PicMonkey utilizes sliders on their filter adjustments giving it a very simple approach to getting the user’s desired level of enhancement on the image. Thanks to its intuitive interface, you can use this software for real estate photo editing even without any prior experience.

PicMonkey, though, requires internet to be accessible.


Unlike PicMonkey or Photoshop, PIXLR is free and an On-the-go website and app that is very easy to use and has simple mechanics. PIXLR is for the people who are mostly out in the field and want a quick adjustment on the images. PIXLR have reasonably similar features to that of Photoshop without the complexity of many panels and layer addition.

The downsides of PIXLR are the ads. To be able to have an Ad-Free experience, users pay $5 but most users just use the free version.

There is another Image Enhancement Software in the market for Real Estate Photographers and Real Estate Image Enhancement. Those listed above are primarily and essentially what you need, whether you’re already a full-time pro-Photographer or to kick start your photography journey.

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