Top 7 Disney Games for Android

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I am a huge Disney geek. From the classics to the flops I have watched almost all the movies. That includes a movie called “Song of the South” that wasn’t even released in the United States. It requires a blog of its own so let me know if you want that or just google it. Anyway I was telling you about my fondness for Disney, and it has a new addition to it, i.e. Disney Games for Android

The hits, the classics, the real-life versions (I am waiting so eagerly for Frozen’s version) you name it and I have seen it. I even love the dark origins that almost all of these have. As I said big Disney geek. So it will not come as a surprise that I like to play Disney theme games too. It helps me unwind and there are quite a many Disney Games for Android on the play store.

So if you are also a Disney fan looking for Disney theme games available on android then look no further than this list.

Disney Games for Android

Castle of Illusion

Google play store rating – 4.1

Cost – INR 320

Mario has been saving princess for a year now its mickey’s turn to save Minnie from the clutches of witch Mizrabel. Castle of Illusion is one of the most popular official Disney games where you help Mickey mouse rescue Minnie mouse.

Mickey has to travel through enchanted forests, fight with a number of rebellious toys, and navigate mazes of living books. The game has cool graphics, different characters, customizable costumes, and an interesting storyline. One of my favorites disney games for android.

Disney Sorcerers Arena

Google play store rating – 4.1

Cost – Free to Install with In-app Purchases

Sorcerers arena is a turn-based real-time player versus player RPG with Disney characters. Simple choices can define the legacy of your character. Choose your players from the wide collection of Disney and Pixar legends that the game has in store for you.

Collect as many legendary characters as possible with strategic gameplay. Players can even join club conquests for daily tasks and team battles. My favorite part is how each character has iconic powers that relate to them. One of the coolest Disney games for android.

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Disney Magic Kingdoms: Build Your Own Magical Park

Google play store rating – 4.0

Cost – Free to Instal with In-app purchases

If you like games like Sim City and Disney then this one is for you. In this Disney game, you get to create the Disney Park of your dreams. The game is filled with your beloved Pixar, Disney, and Star Wars characters, cool adventures, beautiful attractions, and special events.

Also, you will be connected to millions of players across the world who share your taste in games.

Disney Heros: Battle Mode

Google play store rating – 4.1

Cost – Free to Install with In-app purchases

This battle themed strategy RPG game filled with your favorite Disney characters will knock your socks off. Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz found a Key to unlock a mysterious new game inside their digital City – and now they are fighting to save their digital city from the attack of a virus. 

Team up with other Disney heroes as they too get pulled into the City and battle the swarming enemy. The game gets harder as level up and have to face the virus-corrupted versions of powerful Disney & Pixar heroes. The game is a sure shot must try.

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Disney Story Realms

Google play store rating – 3.3

Cost – Free to Install with In-app purchases

Disney Story Realms is a narrative game embedded with puzzles and adventure elements. This is mostly for young kids who would like to color a Disney coloring book. Other features of the game include connecting the dots, walking around as various characters, and a bunch of mini-games.

The game is pretty easy to play and understand. Fair warning a lot of players complained that there are way too many In-app purchases in the game.

Disney Getaway Blast: Pop and Blast Disney Game

Google play store rating – 4.6

Cost – Free to Install with In-app purchases

So my favorite thing about this game was its super cute graphics. Imagine a child version of all your favorite Disney characters. It is the classic game where a bunch of colored balls is sliding down a path and you have a canon to blast them by matching at least three colored balls.

 Collect a bunch Disney & Pixar characters, unlock special character abilities like Aladdin’s lamp or Elsa’s frozen magic, and craft boosters to blast your way through the challenge. Players can even take photos of OMG moments and fill their magical Photo Album with magical memories.

Disney Pop Town

Google play store rating – 4.4

Cost – Free to Install with In-app purchases

In this game, your objective is to restore run-down musical towns with your best friend, Joy. Disney Pop Town is a match-3 puzzle game with really fun objectives. Win match-3 puzzles and earn Stars then use those stars to renovate the run-down musical towns.

After restoring those towns you get to enjoy entertaining musical performances by your best friend Joy. You can also collect a range of cute Disney costumes for your Avatar. Each character costume has a unique power that will help you in match-3 puzzles.

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