Top 7 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Lazy Girls

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There are two types of girls in this world when it comes to Halloween. Ones, who are super excited for this festival for months, have a hefty budget specially allocated to buy Halloween costumes and have also made Halloween party plans way in advance. And then there are girls who are super lazy to give a damn about Halloween! In other words, these girls are not so enthusiastic about Halloween, Halloween costumes, or the Halloween wigs. Rather, they want to spend the festival with bare minimum efforts and with minimal expenses. To get an idea about makeup, Christmas makeup will be the best place for you. Although their Halloween costumes are quite simple and mostly the last-minute innovations, they never miss these spooky parties! This article is dedicated to all those lazy girls! The article discusses the top 7 easy Halloween costume ideas for lazy girls. The various Halloween costume ideas range from the Horror Halloween costumes to sexy Halloween costumes. Let’s understand each one in brief.

Top 7 Halloween Costume Ideas For Lazy Girls

Tiana from Princess and the Frog

If you are a lazy girl with green being your favorite color, this is the perfect outfit you should put on Halloween. This dreamy green dress is the first step towards becoming a princess. In order to add an extra touch- pull your hair into a high bun and add a flower or two to make it look complete. Tiana Princess costume supplies are as below:

– Green color Tiana dress with a waist belt

– Green color Tiana hand gloves

– Princess Tiana Crown

– A magic wand

You don’t need any Halloween wigs for this outfit. However, you will need a frog!

The Zenon and Nebula

If your BFF is as lazy as you- we have a perfect pair of Halloween costumes for you- Zenon and Nebula. Dress down in these super cool outfits to grab the maximum eyeballs at the Halloween party. To be honest, the Zenon Halloween costume is easy to put together, even last minute. All you need is some metallic vests and a pair of dope tights. 

The necessary accessories for Zenon and Nebula Halloween costumes are:

– Bright pink long-sleeve leotard

– Bright pink metallic tights

– Light blue denim vest 

– Basic blue bodycon mini skirt

– Gold scrunchies to put your hair in two high pigtails

– Black platform sneakers

There you have it!

The Mime

If you found a Zenon Halloween costume a bit’ too much’ compared to your laziness- don’t worry! We now present a very simple yet little scary Halloween costumes idea- Mime! This Halloween, choose silence over loudness; sometimes, it is necessary to make a statement with your expressions than the words. Zip your lips and entertain your friends in style with a Mime costume!

The Mime costume requires very little accessories-most of which you will find in your wardrobe. The Items required are:

– Jersey knit black and white striped top

– High waisted skinny pants

– Large waistband

– Red scarf to tie around your neck

– Black beret

– White gloves

– Black sneakers

To raise the party’s temperature, you can replace the pants with a skirt! You don’t require any types of Halloween wigs for this cosplay.

The Alien

We all have thought about area 51 or space or the space station at least once in a lifetime. Halloween will be the perfect festival to fulfill these wild imaginations with scary Halloween costumes. Besides, you don’t need much to get into the Alien avatar. Anything silver, sparkly, and fun costume will transform you into the Alien.

The accessories and Halloween wigs required to be a sexy Alien are:

– Silver tinsel long bob wig

– Women’s silver gogo boots

– Silver color jumpsuit or 

– Silver color top and skirt

Now just book a UFO as soon as possible and sail through space!

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The Minnie Mouse

Lighten up the Halloween party with your sexy Minnie outfit! If you have ever been to a Disney park or are just a Disney flake, you probably already have a Minnie costume in your wardrobe. Minnie is known for her iconic polka dress style since 1920 – way before it becomes the popular trend. Smart Minnie!

All you need for a Minnie costume is:

– Red short dress with white polka dots

– Sparkling black belt with attached with a bow

– Minnie mouse headband

– Black heels

If a short dress is not your ‘thing,’ you can replace it with a red tank top, polka dot skirt, and black tights! Don’t forget your white gloves!

The Jessie- Toy story

Steal the show in a cow print skirt and yellow long-sleeves shirt! We are certain that Jessie Glam Halloween costume will spruce up any space, be it Halloween party or the cosplay event. Jessie’s costume is quite easy to find and carry. To add an oomph factor, you can try Halloween wigs with the look.

All the accessories you need for Jessie Halloween costume is:

– A cow-print skirt or pants

– A yellow long-sleeve skirt

– Cowgirl boots

– Red hat

– Brown belt

– Pair of gauntlets

Giddy up!

The Bunny

The last and the easiest costume idea in the easy Halloween costumes ideas for the lazy girls’ list is- Bunny. What could be an easier outfit than the Bunny?! Animal themed costumes are always in trends during Halloween. You can wear all white or all pink accessories to get transformed into a bunny.

For the bunny outfit, you will need the following accessories:

– White color sparkling top

– White color mini skirt

– Bunny ears

– Knee-high white boots

Draw on a little nose and whiskers!

With this, we are concluding the list of the top 7 easy Halloween costumes ideas for lazy girls.
In this list, we have ensured that all of these Halloween costumes require minimal accessories. In fact, they can all be created with little more than great shoes and Halloween wigs — all of which can be easily found in your wardrobe. Besides, you can wear them even after Halloween as regular outfits! Find out some exclusive Halloween costumes with wigs on this website –

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