Top Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

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Because of the pandemic, 2020 was a slow year when it came to bathroom innovations. That is why 2021 is going to witness more trends that are going to promulgate two aspects of lavatory decor: luxury and functionality.

The two trends are not going to exclude but rather complement one another for the ultimate 21st-century bathroom design.

Marveling at marble

One of the best materials used in bathrooms is a marble. This natural material is considered luxurious because it comes in several colors, veinings, and markings. Since no two pieces of marble are the same, it adds a sense of uniqueness to every lavatory.

In 2021, the most-used shades of marble, such as white and black ate going to be supplanted by bolder colors, such as blue, yellow, and green. Also, low-end bathrooms aren’t going to feature walls of marble but rather a single fixture, such as the water basin made from this marvelous material.

What is a “black bathroom?”

Speaking of colors, there is one color scheme that seems to be dominant in recent years. Black bathroom design is just as popular today a black kitchens were a few years back. These types of bathrooms aren’t completely dark but they are dominated by dark shades.

One of the most common combos homeowners install are black wall tiles and grey floor tiles. The “darkness” of the water room is contrasted with white fixtures, such as the toilet, the washbasin, and the bathtub (if there is one).

The aforementioned tiles should be textured porcelain tiles, as they convey a Gothic look to the bathroom. If you don’t want to use tiles for the floors, the dark stone is a great alternative because of its abrasive surface which is slip-resistant.

black bathroom

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A green bathroom

Although historical records are scarce, scientists assume Roman latrines feature plant life. The ancient practice of placing plants inside bathrooms is still alive in 2021, so place a flower pot or two in the bathroom. When choosing plants species go for houseplants that thrive in humid conditions.

Some of the most popular plants for the bathroom include orchids, begonia, Snake Plant, moss, various species of fern, Chinese Evergreen, etc. What these species have in common are the looks and the ability to grow in a moist environment. 

Botany(ic) bay

We spoke earlier about the importance of plants inside the bathroom but the “plants” don’t have to be real. Namely, the wallpapers and/or tiles can be painted in lively, green colors that would imitate lush foliage. Whenever possible, add texture to the walls, so you feel as if you were in a real jungle.

Windows as large as walls

Another trend in rural estates is large bathroom windows. In fact, the new windows are going to be so large, that they will cover entire walls. Such a design is unsuitable for the urban and suburban bathroom designs because of privacy issues but rural estates don’t have such issues.

If you have a house with a great view, then open up the bathroom to the world. Of course, the glass wall should be equipped with curtains and shades for times when privacy does become an issue. In urban development, bathroom windows aren’t made tiny anymore.

Window as Large as Walls

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Smart homes and (even smarter) bathrooms

In recent years, home automation turned our homes into mini spaceships. The trend of smart homes includes the bathroom, as the water room features a wide variety of playful gizmos.

There are LED lights inside the toilet bowl, demisting mirrors, USB ports near at hand, LED temperature displays, and bidets with motion sensors.

Minimalism is still a thing

Even though modern bathrooms are going to be equipped as spaceships, they can still be designed in a minimalistic way. Minimalism was a thing back in the 1990s but it is still topical in Australia. The basic notion behind the design is to have as few fixtures as possible.

Ideally, the bathroom should just have a tub and a basin. Of course, even when you install extra amenities, the bathroom design should be free of clutter, as it is seen as a symbol of maximalism. In 2021, megalomania has no room in a functional Australian bathroom.

Inspecting the piping

For a large number of bathroom upgrades on our list, you need to alter the piping inside the walls. This is work reserved for reliable Canberra plumbers as they have a lot of experience refitting pipes. You, as the homeowner, should stay clear of plumbing work or risk destroying a remodeled water room with a flood when you accidentally damage a pipe or a valve.

Bathroom clutter is a thing of the past

We have mentioned above that clutter has no room in a stylish bathroom. From shampoo bottles to the wristwatch you take off before the shower, sometimes it’s hard not to leave a mess in the bathroom.

You can successfully counter clutter by assigning every little thing inside the bathroom with its own place. The watch can go on the washing machine, while shampoo bottles would be stored inside a niche in the shower.

A move towards warmer tones

Apart from green wallpapers, the entire bathroom will benefit from warmer tones. These include rust, terracotta, rust, biscuit, caramel, etc. Again, the tiles should have a rough texture, i.e. tactile finishes to imitate the ruggedness of soil.

The end goal is to prevent the bathroom from looking inside of a hospital. Instead of an aesthetically sterile environment, in 2021, bathrooms should have a warm, welcoming feel.

As far as the ceiling is concerned, untreated timber beams are a great way to make the space more natural. Due to their location, the beam should be out of the reach of water but you can always impregnate them if the need arises.

Green plants and cabinets

You can’t change the color of plants, as most species are green. However, there is no reason for cupboards and hanging cabinets to be plain white. They can be green too, as this color establishes a clear bond with nature.

In fact, a horizontal row of green wall tiles would be ideal to break the monotony if you have white tiles. Also, bathroom furniture should be modern and in terms of colors, there is hardly a more “youthful” color than green.

Gold as part of an industrial design

On its own, gold is considered too tacky for a bathroom design. However, if you decide to furnish the bathroom in an industrial style, then gold metal accents are a great way to add some glamour to the water room.

Metal accessories, both in brass and golden tones are suitable for smaller bathrooms, as they reflect light, making the room appear bigger. For stately bathrooms, matt or satin finishes conduct a sense of opulence and aesthetic taste.

Gold Design Bathroom

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Tiles are shrinking

Smaller tiles can perhaps be attributed to global warming. Joking set aside (we Aussies know best how devastating climate change is), small bathroom tiles will be trendy in 2021 as well. Mosaic and subway tiles are the two of the most dominant types.

One of their advantages is that these tiles can be made into mosaics. Whether it’s the bathroom floor or the walls, you can turn the lavatory into an art gallery. Mind you, the smaller the tiles, the costlier they are, as you need expert masons to install them.

Floating fixtures

Another 2021 trend are floating bathroom fixtures. Two of the most common floating fixtures are the toilet and the washbasin. Not only do floating elements look cool as heck but they are easier to maintain.

Namely, it is far easier to mop the floor underneath them. However, you should let professional handymen install them, as the wall mounts have to be sturdy to bear loads over 100 kilograms.

More bidets in Australian bathrooms

If you have ever traveled to Japan, then you might have noticed that bidets are more popular in Tokyo than back home in Sydney or Melbourne. In fact, bidets are widely spread all over the globe, especially in the Middle East.

The reason behind their popularity is their modern and foremost, functional design. That’s why we can expect to see more and more bidets in Australian bathrooms. It might take some time to get used to using a bidet but you’ll save hundreds of dollars you spend on toilet paper annually.

Now, you don’t have to stick to all of the bathroom design trends listed above. For instance, green and black tiles definitely don’t go together but a floating toilet would look great against a wall mosaic made up of tiny tiles.

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