Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid At College

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Whether you are already studying your chosen undergraduate degree at college, or else are due to start soon, the internet, as are people all around you, are full of snippets of advice and what to do, especially in the first few months.

However, it is more than likely that you are not always told about the plethora of possible mistakes you could make, which could serve to dampen both your professional and personal enjoyment of your college experience.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn about the top six mistakes to avoid at college.

1.   Avoid Forking Out on Expensive Text Books

One of the first things you should know, even before actually starting your very first class at college, is that there is no need to buy a physical copy of every single academic textbook on the assigned reading list.

Instead, at least try and source a free, or at substantially more affordable, copy of the textbook online, either in the form of a PDF or posted on the myriad of different student help websites. Another way to split the cost of otherwise expensive textbooks is to split the cost with one of your course mates, especially if they are due to study modules at different times to yourself.

2.   Avoid Saying Yes to Every Party Invitation

Obviously, everyone knows, whether they have indeed been a student in the past or not, that a large part of normal college life, especially in the first year, is to enjoy numerous parties and social events with your new student friends.

There is absolutely no problem with attending such parties and even drinking to excess, but just bear in mind that, if you end up saying ‘yes’ to every single invitation, you are likely to be permanently tired and your studies will seriously suffer as a result.

3.   Avoid Taking Laboriously Detailed Notes in Lectures

Another important mistake to avoid at all costs is, especially in the first few weeks of lectures where you are as keen as keen can be, taking notes which are too detailed and seem to be more of an essay than concise bullet points.

When it comes to studying, either for a piece of assigned coursework or indeed for a forthcoming exam, the last thing you want is to have to sift through pages and pages of information that can easily be shortened to just one page.

4.   Avoid Relying on YouTube

It is certainly true to say that googling the certain topics including in your lectures, especially ones which you are not entirely, if you are being honest, on top of, can help, especially when you a watch YouTube video which essentially breaks down the fundamental components of the field of study.

However, doing this all the time and indeed coming to rely on YouTube as a crucial part of your learning experience can result in inaccurate and too-brief information, which could severely affect your results in a detrimental way.

5.   Not Checking the Academic Entry Requirements

When attempting to whittle down your options when it comes to researching the different universities that can provide the right and specific fields of study in which you are most interested in, people can set themselves up for heartbreaking disappointment if they fail to check the academic entry requirements for each institution.

The best way to avoid said disappointment is to utilize the reputable and renowned CampusReel’s UC Berkeley admission requirements to assess if you are indeed the right fit for that particular college and, of course, vice versa.

6.   Not Investing in Reference Management Software

Even if you are about to, or indeed currently, studying a more practical subject, such as drama and performing arts, you will still inevitably be required to write at least a couple of long and exceedingly well-researched essays as part of your degree.

Within such essays, there will be a mandatory requirement to include numerous references; basically, every time you mention a specific study, a person, or quote a released study or statistic, you need to reference them. Without investing in a top-quality reference management software package, this referencing portion of your essay is likely to be incredibly frustrating and take up far too much of your valuable time.

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