Top-Most Crypto Exchanges of 2022

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You will have to open a cryptocurrency exchange account to sell, buy or trade crypto assets. This is also a great start in getting into the crypto world. Crypto exchanges are quite similar to the online brokerages that offer their users the tools and options they require to buy and sell digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.

When you choose a crypto exchange platform, it is a must to look for the background to get complete information about factors including which coins the platform is supporting, its fees, the payment methods it offers, and what is the security level. Considering these factors we have made a list of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms. 

The List of Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

There are numerous crypto exchanges in the world but below are some of the best platforms. bitcoinmotion site can also be used for safe and authentic trading. 


This platform is known to be the ideal one for everyone, specifically beginners. In this article, we have selected Coinbase as the best crypto exchange overall. Coinbase provides you with a huge range of supported crypto assets. This platform is highly secure as it follows advanced security strategies. What’s more, it is a beginner-friendly platform but also offers an advanced trading platform known as Coinbase Pro. This makes this platform a reasonable option for both newbies and professionals.

We have selected as our best mobile crypto exchange platform. This application provides a detailed cryptocurrency trading and investing network that all users can easily access. This app can be conveniently operated through mobile phones. 

In addition to all this, supports more than 250 crypto-assets and provides a wide range of crypto products. With all these features, this platform has relatively high fees than other platforms and has been claimed several times for poor customer service. 


Gemini is picked as the crypto exchange platform offering the best security features. This platform has strong security and makes sure about the safety of users’ funds. Also, Gemini is a SOC-2 certified exchange. 

Most importantly, this platform is accessible in all 50 states of the United States and is a highly liquid exchange. Moreover, it stores funds in a hot e-wallet and possesses solid security protocols. 


BitMart is the ultimate choice when it comes to the variety of crypto assets. This platform allows its users in more than 180 countries to purchase, sell and trade more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies which is a huge number. Through this platform, you can also earn and its interface is user-friendly. What makes it risky is the incident of hacking occurred back in 2021. 


The professional trading platform of Kraken, Kraken Pro is our pick for the best low-fee exchange platform. This platform costs the lowest charges as compared to many other crypto exchanges. For professional traders, this platform is our top-most choice. Kraken offers its users advanced order types as well as supports margin and futures trading.

Moreover, this platform supports a large variety of crypto assets and requires fewer charges. The only issue is this platform is still not accessible in all U.S. states. 

Cash App 

Cash Application is one of the best exchange platforms for Bitcoin trading and exchanging. This platform offers its users smooth and safe purchasing, selling, and holding of their Bitcoins. You can operate this application via your mobile phone. What makes this application more appealing is it is easy to use and supports a bitcoin lightning network. 

Supporting bitcoin is its biggest advantage but that is its biggest drawback too. Also, it has various limits on deposits and sales. 


We have chosen Bisq as our best-decentralized exchange platform. This exchange platform lets its users privately purchase or sell crypto assets anywhere and anytime. What makes it more ideal is people living in every corner of the world can use it as it is available all around the world. In addition to this, this platform is highly secure and no ID authentication is required. Moreover, this platform offers a huge variety of payment options. Only its slow speed, low trading volumes, and lack of active trading make it less significant than other exchange platforms. 


For those who are about to be involved in the cryptocurrency world, selecting the best exchange will play a lead role in your trading and investments. A huge variety of exchanges are in line and as per your requirements, every option is available. 

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