Traveling with Pets – Guide to Pet Shipping Services

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When you plan Overseas travel with your pet, it becomes challenging to keep track of everything you need. When you think you are done with everything, you will realize you are missing one or the other important thing on the list and would start again with updating and implementing it. Packing and moving are already very exhausting and stressful, but it gets over the edge when you have to travel with a pet. This is where pet shipping services come to action.

Usually, animals are not very fond of traveling and especially when it has to be by air. There are high chances that a pet might face breathing problems or get an anxiety attack. You must take care of all the aspects before you set afoot for leaving. As it is complicated to manage traveling with pets, there are always other alternatives to opt for. There are many pet shipping companies that offer services for providing everything you require to ship your pet. They take care of all the necessary formalities and provide a door to door service. As the pet shipping industry is growing with time, you must make the right choice.

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Here is a small guide that provides information about pet shipping services to help you make an appropriate choice on pet shipping services when you travel with your pet

You must beware of the scams and frauds

When businesses start taking over the market, competition and fraud follow. It gets effortless to fool people because when a number of brands take on the industry, it becomes very easy to fake another. You must always make a decision carefully. To avoid getting trapped in such cases, you must see if the brand of pet shipping services is same as the name appears on Google or not. Match the logo and taglines of the site you have been contacted from. You can also suspect fraud by looking at the style of their approach and the grammar used in the mails when they contact you. You must never fall into pay first, and we assure the service policy and should always make sure that the person you are trusting with your money deserves it. If you come across any scam or fraud like this, you should file a complaint against them, to make others aware.

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Check the reviews

When you decide to go with the pet shipping services, you must make sure that you come in direct contact with their executive to discuss all the details about your pet and what your expectations are with their services. You can also check the review of the services they had previously provided and get an idea about their strengths and weaknesses because you cannot take any risk. When you contact the executive, you must make sure that you do not miss the medical history of your pet, and if there is any issue your pet faces, they are aware of it.


You must make sure that you and your pet benefit from all the services you are paying for and are promised to you. You must take a brief on their quotation, as many pet shipping companies offer different services and charge extra to avail some. You must also ask if they are covering the air ticket expenses in the statement or that has to be paid separately. You should always go through a background check of pet shipping services company to be careful. Ask them if they take care of the identification and microchips for your pet, or you have to take care of it.


If the pet shipping service is providing a carriage from their side for your pet, you can ask them to hand it over to you before a few days they come over to pick your pet. You can keep the kernel in your home unlocked and keep all the stuff in the kernel along with the bedding. This can help your pet get familiar with the carriage and would allow him to remain calm while on the journey.

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Medical certificates

The most important thing that you need to make sure is if the shipping company is taking care of the vaccines and health certificate. If not, you must visit a vet as soon as you plan a trip because the health certificate and rabies vaccination are the most important documents required by the officials at the airport and land in the foreign states. You must always stay prepared about the laws followed by the country you are traveling to regarding pet travel and make sure you do not lack any formality required. 

Many states follow the pet traveling laws strictly as they are usually scared if the pet is not a carrier of pets that could be dangerous for people and animals inhabited in their region. You must also make sure that the rabies vaccination is given at least 30 days before the travel, and the health certificate is not older than the 10days from the traveling day.

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