5 Trending Automation Testing Technologies in 2021

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Since technology is a fast-changing industry, updates are available. New trends and methods are offered. This is to ensure the efficiency of different technologies. Today, software testing is one of the most in-demand services.

Software needs to be tested dozens or hundreds of times before launching to the public. So, testers and developers test the software before releasing it. Testers apply two types of methods. These two types are automated and manual testing. The manual one uses manual labor carried out by humans. It is usually more time-consuming than the other type.

Automation Testing

The other type of testing is the automated one. In this, machines and robots are involved. This process is done through the help of an automation tool. This tool helps the testers conduct more high-value procedures. It also helps increase the efficiency of the process. This type of testing widens the coverage and scalability of the procedure.

Automation Process

This process is divided into different phases when you learn automation testing. Below is the step-by-step procedure of how testers go about this procedure.

Define the Scope of the Project

When you learn automation testing, the first step is to define the coverage or scope. This means defining the area that will be automated. This step is crucial, which is why it is taught in an automation testing tutorial. This step includes having an overview of the data at hand.

Selection of Tools

It is important to know the appropriate tools when you learn automation testing. The tool should be able to support the testing strategy at hand. There is a wide range of tools available in the market. So, you must understand the whole testing process. This would allow you to choose the tool that is best for your plan.

Creating a Framework

This step is where you should create an automation strategy and plan. This would define the flow of the automated testing process. This also includes preparing automation tests for the testing proper. The testers must also be able to produce the list of in-scope and out-scope items.

This is also where the schedule and overall timetable must be finalized. Lastly, the team must be able to determine the expected deliverables and outputs.


This part is where the designed automation scripts come into life. These scripts are expected to produce results for the developers. It can be carried out using the automation tool. It can also be done through different test management tools.

The steps before the execution stage play a great role in its success. That is why prior steps to this are laid out and in detail. This way, issues can be avoided. These steps will also define the accuracy of data or results. 


This step is usually taken when new scripts are introduced. Maintenance is needed to make sure that new scripts work with the previous ones. This measure improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the automation process.

There are new effective strategies and methods as technology advances. These new methods help testers produce more reliable results. Here are some of the automation testing trends in 2021.

1.   Codeless Automation

When you learn automation testing, this will also be referred to as scriptless testing. This allows testers or QAs to proceed with automated testing without a script. It can be built using a data-based approach, model, or keywords. This allows testers to produce tests on functionalities.

One of the advantages of this is efficiency. There are many ready-to-use automation tools today. This allows businesses to deploy testing without having to invest in coding. The group of testers can also make sense of the test cases. This is even without prior knowledge of programming.

2.   Artificial Intelligence

The automated testing process, in general, is a process that involves machines. This means that it runs in non-human efforts. Today, clients want to see faster and more efficient results. So, automated testing uses artificial intelligence.

AI on automated processes makes maintenance easier for testers. The AI can track automation tools better and more consistently. AIs can solve issues and changes immediately. This gives the AI the power to change scripts accurately.

3.   Shift Left and Shift Right Approach

Incorporating these kinds of approaches into automated testing is one of the trends. The shift-left approach refers to the procedures done to mitigate complications. These actions are carried out to avoid bigger problems in the software. While the shift right approach refers to the actions done in the midst of production.

The main difference between these two approaches is the kind of data it uses. In the shift-left approach, testers are dependent on defining the customer’s needs. In the shift-right approach, the testers can rely on real customer feedback.

This will be a trend in automated testing because it allows testers to have a wider scope of data. This way, testers can address all kinds of issues from all ends.

4.   Automation in Cybersecurity

There are different kinds of cybersecurity laws today. That is why this has become one of the most tasking aspects of software development. Cybersecurity threats have been one of the concerns. These can cost small and big businesses a significant amount of money.

This aspect requires a large amount of data, automated processes are better solutions. Automation tools provide testers with tons of data to test cybersecurity measures on. This helps the tester figure out problems or bugs in the security system.

5.   Uses in Blockchain Applications

Blockchain systems today cover more industries. This includes shipping, food, and other supply chain management. These industries deal with massive amounts of data. So, testing involves different test cases as well. This is why automation testing these applications will be one of the things that will be popular in 2021.

It helps deliver a smooth and continuous system flow. Automated testing can help lessen the time required in complex blockchain apps. You will know the advantages as you learn automation testing. 

6.   Cloud Services Using Automation Testing

Companies that offer cloud services now use automated testing. This process helps them maintain low costs, expand scalability and employ easy maintenance. Testers can carry out tests in different environments. They can [proceed with the testing without setting up infrastructure.

Automation Testing in 2021

Automated testing for different industries has long been beneficial. New trends have continuously emerged which made processes easier and more useful. Developers of these scripts have made it easier for testers to automate.

Automation testing has evolved into a more useful tool in testing. In 2021, these new trends will make automation an even more practical testing method. Aside from speeding up testing, it is now applicable to different types of businesses and purposes.

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