Turn PDF Files to Slideshows Quickly With PDFBear’s Converter

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PDF, while a file format intended to view electronic documents across devices, it is not suitable for presentations. It is only good at preserving the elements of the original file, but it is not good at turning the file into a visual aid. However, if you want your file to be converted into a PDF, it will be a very easy task with the help of an excellent PDF to PPT converter.

What is a PDF to PPT Converter?

As straightforward as it is, it is what it sounds like. It converts your PDF to PPT using its preservation technology to ensure that none of the elements of the raw file will be omitted once converted to another file format. Through this, you will enjoy the benefits of a quick presentation of slides instead of the hassle of scrolling down through a PDF file.

What is the Best PDF to PPT Converter?

There are actually many options to convert your PDF to PPT, especially that almost everything is available in the market in this day and age. But as the first sentence implies, most of the converters require users to pay before they can avail their services. That means you have to buy yourself software, for example, to have a PPT version of your PDF.

Aside from the fact that software could get really expensive, it also subjects you to a lot of hassle. First of all, you need to install the said program on your device. When you do, you have to wait for a tiresome number of hours. Second, in the process of installing your software, you will be consuming a huge space on your device, which may slow down its performance.

Thankfully, we have a solution for you to avoid all the disadvantages of software. All you have to do is to go online, particularly into PDFBear’s website. PDFBear is an online converter that offers the services of a software converter for cheap. It is quick, hassle-free, and most of all, it does not require anything from you except for a stable internet connection.

The Four-Step Process of Converting Your PDF to PPT

PDFBear boasts a convenient experience for its users. This is noticeable the moment you open the website. You will notice that the layout is not as complicated as most online platforms are. There are few buttons and hyperlinks, or even if there are, they are neatly organized and labeled so the users would not have a hard time navigating around the website.

First step: Choose the PDF File and Upload It to the Server

The first thing you have to do to turn your PDF to slideshows is upload your file on the server. You can do this in two ways; either way works: First, you may drag the PDF file of your choice straight to the conversion box, or you may also choose to select the file from your device by clicking the add files button and locating the PDF from your folders.

In this process, it is a must to emphasize that you should not worry while uploading anything, even the most personal data, on the server. The PDFbear creator ensures that it will be handled with top-notch security through their outstanding encryption tool. Also, to further their respect for privacy rights, files will be deleted on the server an hour after processing.

Second Step: Your PDF will be uploaded

The second step is a part where you have to let the website do its magic. As for this phase, the website will upload your file, so you could immediately proceed with the conversion. It will be assured that since convenience is one of the website’s themes, you will not be waiting for too long. In just a blink of an eye, you already have your PDF uploaded.

Also, it is assured that while you are in the entire process of uploading or even converting your device, no issue of compatibility will arise. Sometimes, one cannot use a website because it is not working with their browsers or computers. With PDFBear, that will not happen because the creators have already pilot-tested the website across various platforms.

Third Step: Convert Your PDF to PPT

Once your PDF file is uploaded, you are free to click the convert button so you can finally begin the conversion process. The website will do more of its magic. With its superior preservation technology, it will make sure to preserve all the elements and structures of the raw file and transfer it to the PDF version. It will be rendered as it was in the raw file.

In the process of conversion, none of your device’s storage will be consumed as compared to how the software would usually do it. PDFBear’s processing is all done online using cloud storage. This means that you can do your conversion anytime, anywhere; the only thing that you have to take into consideration is bringing a stable source of internet connection.

Fourth Step: Download Your PPT

When you have finished the first three processes, you will be led to a download page. On this page, the PPT version of your PDF is rendered, ready for you to download. Aside from that option, you may also choose other modes of sharing your PPT. You may do it by sending it as an email, or you may also share it on your social media: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


File formats are made to perform specific roles. A PDF is for showing electronic documents, maintaining their credibility, while a PPT is for showing information in a presentation format. Hence, it is inappropriate to bring a PDF for a class report or business presentation. Thankfully PDFBear is here to convert your PPT to PDF in just a few clicks.

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