Tutflix – Free Online Learning & Education Community in 2022

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Do you want to learn a new skill or technology for free? Are you looking for some free lessons for your music or designing passion? Tutflix is a platform for you. Tutflix.org is a free platform that provides lessons and free courses for your favourite topic and subjects. Free courses and study materials are not the only features of tutflix, the portal offers a lot more than that. Discussion forums, learning groups and communities, general discussions, feedback, suggestions, problem solving and giveaway coupons are some of the top features of tutflix.org. Let’s know this portal in detail now.

What is Tutfilx

Tutflix is a combination of 2 words. “Tut” stands for tutorials and “flix” stands for watch. Tutflix is the Netflix for education and learning. You can watch almost unlimited videos and read endless content related to interest and passion. All you need to do it, just register on Tutflix.org with your email id and you are good to go. Once you are registered on this platform, you get access to all the resources and categories. That’s not all, you can always download the relevant videos and content for your later reference. Tutflix is a growing platform that believes in keeping the content fresh and relevant. It gets updated frequently to provide you best of the lessons from amazing tutors.

How Does Tutfilx Work – Registration Process

In order to use Tutfilx, you need to register yourself. It is really easy and straight forward. Just go to Tutfilx.org and click on the “Register” button on the top of the screen.

Tutflix registration
Tutflix registration

Once the registration form is on the screen, provide your user details and thats it.

Tutflix registration form
Tutflix registration form

You’ll get an email on your registered email id once your profile is active.

What Does Tutflix Offer – Features & Courses

Tutflix is not just a platform for education or tutorials. It is a community and a platform that connects people of same educational and learning interests as well. It offers some great features like discussion forums, suggestions/feedbacks, competitions and giveaway zones. One can join and collaborate on this platform for overall learnings.


Tutflix Community
Tutflix Community

Community is a first group of features offered by Tutflix. It contains all the user guides and rules for this platform. It has rules related to posting content on the platform, how to collaborate with other learners and how to use this platform completely.

Another section is General discussion, where learners from the same interest can discuss their problems and issues. You can ask a question, post a suggestion or start an all new discussion for the latest topic you are currently studying. This is probably the most used feature of this platform, of course after the educational videos.

Giveaways is a section where you can get and win free study material and courses. This is a forum to involve as much users as we can. You can start a quiz, ask a questions in order to give aways any course or study material uploaded by you. A great idea to start gathering followers.

Feedback and suggestion is an open place to provide your valuable suggestion to improve this platform.

Udemy Coupon Zone, is the last feature in community. Tutflix is closely connected with Udemy. You can share your Udemy coupons here and claim some courses on your Udemcy account against the coupons you have won. Great feature to expand your knowledge via Udemy courses.


Another feature from tutflix, yet to be launched and activated. This area looks blank as of now in the portal, but will offer some more courses and learning material. As the name suggests, Tutflix marketplace will be a feature where you can buy some extra tutorial and educational material. Also, tutflix can join hands with other popular educational websites to promote and provide their courses at some discount. Great place to look for!

All Courses

The most important segment of tutflix is the list of all courses and categories. Tut Flix offers courses for development, design, IT & Softwares, business, marketing, lifestyle, personal development, health & fitness, teaching & academics, music and many more. These are just the broad categories, and they keep on adding more courses and categories as and when required.

Tutflix Courses and Categories
Tutflix Courses and Categories

Also, checkout the current course material on tutflix in the below image. Every category has the number of relevant content in it.

Current Resources on Tutflix
Current Resources on Tutflix

Why Choose Tutflix

Tutflix is one of the fastest growing educational and learning platform. It offers a wide variety of courses and learning material. Above all, it has some more benefits and advantages that cannot be ignored. Let’s check out why one should use tutflix above other such platforms.

  • Huge and massive collection of study material that is ever growing and evolving
  • Its Free and always available
  • 24×7 Customer support to provide help for any access or course browsing issues
  • Collaboration with other educational platforms like Udemy
  • Fee Giveaways and coupons for extra learning and educational materials
  • Upcoming feature like marketplace
  • Chance to become a contributor by uploading great and relevant content

Top Alternatives to Tutflix

Apparantly, tutflix is not the only platform that offers such features and services. There are a lot of other equally good platforms that offer free courses and study materials.

  • freetutsdownload.com
  • tut4dev.ir
  • tutsnode.com
  • comidoc.net
  • freetutsdownload.net
  • freecoursewebsite.com
  • udemydownload.com
  • udemycourses.me
  • onlinefreecourse.net
  • nocourses.com
  • coursedrive.org
  • googledrivelinks.com
  • onlinecoursespro.com
  • duforum.in
  • comidoc.net
  • freehottip.com

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