Understand The Success & The Road Towards

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Success is not a constant factor for everyone; it varies. It is dependent on individual vision and mission. Don’t compare your success with another’s, because; we are all on a different path. This is where your vision comes in. Your vision is like your fingerprint; it is unique to you.

What is the Vision?

Vision is your approach based on your purpose towards accomplishing your mission – see Dr. Myles Munroe: The principles and power of vision. Vision is very necessary for any organization/individual to succeed; because it tells the followers where they are heading and how will they get there. It is straight forward and clear – easy to understand. No organization or individual can succeed without a clear vision. This is one of the major things that need clarification before any steps towards accomplishing your mission is taken. In clarifying your vision; these steps are needful:

What’s Your Purpose?

Determine the purpose of your being. Why do you exist? Are you just existing? What’s your reason for being in this world? Your purpose is the why behind your existence.

Determine Your Mission

Your mission is what you want to accomplish in your period of existence. What do you want to be known for? What will posterity know you for? What do you want to do for the world? These are questions that will reveal your mission to you


The approach is your specific way of accomplishing your mission. What are your talents? There are situations whereby you are confused because of the different talents you possess. Most people get it wrong by trying to harness and develop all their gifts, this is why you need to decide on which to develop.

Be Decisive

The question to answer is “which gift do you love the most?” If you were to lose all but retain only two; which would it be? Answering these questions without bias will identify the talent that you are to work on. In making this decision; don’t change the question by choosing the talent that pays the most. Money is one factor that you wouldn’t want to influence your choice, because; shadow will only lead to shadows.

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Whats is Success?

There are many people who seem successful but they are not fulfilled: satisfied. This is as a result of having a wrong definition of success. They defined success as the quantity of material possession they have. Over time we have heard and read continuously that success is not a matter of attaining your goals, if it were; it should have been able to give the heart a joy of fulfillment. People crave for a joy that is not just dependent on moods; but the joy of accomplishing your purpose; the joy of inner satisfaction.

If you are familiar with some of the people you deem to be very successful; you will find out that they have a feeling of want in their hearts; they feel the need for something that their material possession can’t give, thus; they feel empty, incomplete and frustrated. You will be surprised because you thought that with so much wealth; a person ought to be satisfied in all ramifications of life.

Are You Out of Purpose?

I have come to realize that the joy of satisfaction is derived by accomplishing your purpose; doing what you are meant to do. There is inner programming in your mind which reveals when you are in your purpose and out of your purpose.

When you are out of your purpose; you feel an inner dissatisfaction and want. You may seem to be succeeding on the surface, but deep within you know you are lost. This is evident in answering these questions for yourself; “How are your Mondays like?Do you dread Mondays? It is evident in the crook and crannies of the society that Fridays are the best days for workers and Mondays the worst. They clearly don’t like their job but they struggle through to earn a satisfactory living, apart from that, they regret ever indulging in such works.

What Questions You Must Ask To Yourself?

Do you find yourself in this category? How are Mondays for you? If you dread Mondays; then you are on a wrong track. There are sometimes that we have to inconvenience ourselves for a greater good, but is your greater good just your income? Are you a businessman; what do you like about your business? For all your stress and hard work is it only your income that can be shown for it?

It’s very important to understand that being satisfied is more important than possessing material possession. The reason you are craving wealth is, you believe that excess of it will satisfy your heart’s hunger. But as we said earlier; money is nothing but shadows. It is a shadow of inner wholeness, a shadow of joy; a shadow of what the heart craves for. However, it is only a shadow; when you chase shadows you will find shadows. The majority of the world is governed by money. It isn’t wrong in itself to work for money because it is a result of value exchange, but killing yourself for it is wrong. A shadow can’t give reality.

Seek to satisfy your heart; it doesn’t matter the opportunity that came your way. If all you can account for all the inconveniences and unhealthy struggle is money, then it’s not worth it. Don’t place money as your first priority in life. It’s only a shadow of the heart’s fulfillment, and it cannot satisfy the heart. It is wrong if by the end of your journey all you can write home about is your material possessions.


Your success is the gradual manifestation of your vision. Success is not the quantity or quality of your possessions. It is important to know your destination before starting your journey, while on your journey you need the right map to arrive successfully. Take seriously the things that will help you in your journey and ignore the things that will not help you.

Plan out your journey now. Be specific on your vision. Don’t accept all things that come your way. There are some trials that will seem like an opportunity but the only thing they will do is destroy your vision. When you know your vision, it will be easy to identify a virus that has the capacity to destroy your vision.

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CLINTON FRANCIS is a writer aimed at reforming the hearts of men in making the world a better spectacular paradise. He hails from Edo state, Nigeria. His vast knowledge of reality has made his works an undeniable fact to manifesting the light in men. You can contact him on Clintonatolefrancis@gmail.com

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