UPBOCW – Registration Process, Benefits, and Eligibility

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Construction workers and workers involved in building come under category of unorganized workers. They comes from very weak background and work in pathetic conditions. Keeping their safety, health and welfare in mind Uttar Pradesh (UP) government has come up with the welfare scheme for the Building and construction workers – UPBOCW.

What is Upbocw

Upbocw is a worker welfare scheme by UP government to help laborers or workers help financially through various schemes. The main vision is to improve the standard of living of workers by improving their quality of work and working conditions. The workers involved in building and construction face challenges like work in hazardous conditions, face employment issues due to temporary or irregular work, irregular time shifts. Due to lack of policy and legal provision, there was no way to check about accidents of workers, their basic requirements, and major problems. UP government felt the need for safety and welfare of these workers and brought building and construction workers welfare scheme UP BOCW underemployment and condition of service act.

Eligibility and Registration Process for Building and Construction Worker Welfare Scheme

Upbocw Eligibility:

  • Age: 18 – 20
  • Completed 90 days of work period
  • Registration fees: 20 rupees only

Upbocw Registration Process:

Click on this link to register for UPBOCW: https://uplmis.in/Guest/frm_CreateLogin.aspx?type=1

Watch this video for step by step registration process.

UPBOCW Documents Required:

  • Adhaar Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Mobile Number

Benefit Schemes Under UP BOCW:

  • Maternity, shishu and Girl Child help scheme
  • Sant Ravidas EducationAssistance Scheme
  • Meritorious Student award scheme
  • Residential School Scheme
  • Skill Development, Technology Upgradation and Certification Scheme
  • Solar Energy Assistance Scheme
  • Girl Marriage Grant Scheme
  • Housing Assistance Scheme
  • Toilet Assistance Scheme
  • Medical Facility Plan
  • Disaster Relief Assistance Scheme
  • Mahatma Gandhi Pension Scheme
  • Critical Illness Assistance Scheme
  • Death, Disability Assistance and Disability Pension Scheme
  • Funeral Assistance Scheme
  • P.Deendayal Upadhyay Chetna Yojana

To check details of all schemes under upbocw click here:

Workers who are eligible for UPBOCW:

  • Welding Works, Carpentry, Plumbing, Painting, Electric Work, Chowkidar , Hammer Work
  • Rolling Roller, Road Worker
  • Masons Work, Carrying  Cement, Bricks etc, Concrete, Bricklayer Work, Well Digging and Well Residue Removal , Mixer Operation, Roofing
  • Blacksmith and Shoe Polish
  • Quarrying
  • All type of Stone Breaking and Grinding, Tile Work, Marble and Stone Work
  • Clerical and Accounting Work at Construction Site
  •  Operation work in Construction of Dam, Bridge, Road and Building
  • Flood Management
  • Installation and Repair of Cold and Hot Machinery
  • Fire Fighting System Installation and Repair
  • Major Mechanical Work – Machinery, Bridge Construction
  • Interior Decoration Work
  • Fabrication and Installation Work of Windows, Grills, Doors etc
  • Modular Kitchen Setup
  • Community Park or Side Walk Construction
  • Brick Manufacturing Works on Brick Kilns
  • Clay, Sand, Mooring, Mining Operations and Tunnel Construction
  • Installation of Security Gates, Lift and Automatic Ladder  and Other Equipment
  • Lime Making

Important Links Related to UPBOCW:

To check your up bocw application or registration number click this link : http://upbocw.in/Dynamic/PublicUser/knowYourReg.aspx

To check your up bocw registration status click here:

For renewal of up bocw application click here:

For up bocw labor certificate click here:

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