V Wash and Other Alternatives to Intimate Hygiene

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Women pay attention to maintaining personal hygiene but intimate areas are still not talked about. It is very important for women to maintain intimate hygiene to prevent any infection. The best practice to maintain intimate hygiene is to use an intimate wash (like V Wash). An intimate wash is a solution especially made for women to maintain intimate or vaginal hygiene. One of the ruling intimate wash is V Wash which is tried and tested by many women. And they find it extremely safe and most hygienic.

What is V wash?

V wash is an intimate wash liquid for women to maintain vaginal hygiene. VWash has a pH value of 3.5 that suits the pH of the intimate area. V wash liquid prevents vaginal irritation, dryness, and itching. The good bacteria called lactobacilli help to maintain the pH value of the intimate area. Lactic acid present in VWash plus helps in maintaining the pH of the vaginal area to prevent any infection. V wash also prevent unpleasant odor and irritation and make you feel fresh and confident. V wash contains extracts of Sea Buckthorn Oil that is rich in minerals and vitamins to keep your vagina healthy.

How VWash is different from Soap?

Most bathing soaps have a pH value of 8 and above which disturbs the pH balance of the intimate area. Daily use of soap may lead to vaginal problems like irritation, itching, and dryness. On the other hand, lactic acid present in V Wash maintains the pH balance of the intimate area as well as prevent infections. You can easily buy v wash online and offline. Buy v wash online from websites like amazon, nykaa, myntra etc. Offline you can buy v wash on pharmacy stores or on women essential shops.

V wash Price?

V wash intimate wash is available in a price range of 45 to 400 depending on size and quantity.

V Wash 100 ml165
V Wash 200 ml292
V Wash 350 ml 386

V wash uses?

  • Squeeze V wash bottle and take few drops onto your palm
  • Gently massage external vaginal area
  • Rinse thoroughly with water

Note: VWash can be used once daily anytime but the best time to use it is while taking bath. It can be used during periods and pregnancy both.

Benefits of V Wash?

  • Cleans intimate area thoroughly maintaining effective hygiene
  • Maintains optimum vaginal pH level
  • Prevents irritation, itching, dryness and bad odour
  • Prevents bacterial infections
  • Vwash can be used during periods to maintain menstrual hygiene
  • Mild fragrance makes you feel fresh always
  • No paraben, SLS/SLES free

Tips for using V wash?

It is best practice to do a patch test before using an intimate wash. Doing a patch test of v wash will help you check if you have any skin allergy or irritation in using it. V wash should always be used in the external part of the vagina. Overuse of V wash can also result in dryness and irritation so do not overuse it. Using V wash once daily is enough to maintain your vaginal hygiene.

V wash alternatives?

Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash
St. Botanica Feminine Intimate Hygiene Wash
Clean And Dry Intimate Wash

Sirona Natural pH Balanced Intimate Wash

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