Top Marketing Strategy of 2021 – Video Content Marketing & Its Benefits

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The fact that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine shows that more and more people are attached to online videos. According to the latest video marketing statistics, at least 55% of internet users watch videos online every single day. With all of this online video craze, savvy marketers leave no stone unturned in the search for a winning content marketing strategy that gets their message across. So, it should be no surprise that video has become a staple marketing content in every savvy business content marketing campaign.

That’s not because these marketing videos are such a shiny new, emerging trend, and businesses tap into it just because others are regularly creating video content for their marketing. It’s all because marketing videos are highly effective in making your product or service stand out in the crowd. It has now become the top content marketing strategy of 2021.

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What is a Content Marketing Video?

A content marketing video is a primary product that comes out of the new age marketing strategy called “Video Content Marketing”. This Strategy aims to attract, and engage the defined set of audience with these videos and certainly creates a much larger impact than any of the conventional marketing strategies. These videos are generally short (30 Sec to 1 Min), crisp and clear with the prime objective with a long-lasting impression on customers’ minds.

Benefits of Video Content Marketing

Though everyone says that video content marketing is the future of marketing strategies, why one should believe it? There are several deep research and proven facts about marketing the product and service via video. All these marketing research show that video marketing is what the business world is relying on. Let’s get to know the top benefits of marketing through videos.

Video Content Simplifies Complex Message

In this fast-paced world, internet users don’t always have time to read heavy-text paragraphs just to get the juicy bits of the information they’re looking for. Not to mention their attention span is also shrinking and being shorter than that of a goldfish. In this situation, marketing videos can help you break down complex ideas into much more digestible chunks of information. The statistics also say that more than 95% of people find it easier to retain information when they absorb it through content video.

Using both visual and audio elements, video can make it easier for the viewers to focus on the content and absorb the crucial message better and faster.

Marketing Videos Capture Audience Attention Faster

Videos are highly accessible and only need one single click for the audience to get the information effortlessly. After that, all they need to do is sit and watch the video all the way through. Because it’s easy to access, many people don’t hesitate to click on videos to watch content they like. However, capturing their attention and making them stay remains an uphill battle.

Here’s the trick: you can put intriguing titles with a catchy thumbnail on your marketing video and start it with an eye-catching character and simple sentences that your audience can relate to. That way, you won’t only be able to get their attention but also hold it.

So, it should come as no surprise if content marketing videos can nail the audience’s attention with much faster and engaging than either text or photo content.

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Videos with Content Influence Engagement & Conversions

Videos do much more than delivering your message concisely. It’s the ability to capture authentic voices, and expressions also evoke the audience’s emotion, making them relate easily to the content you offer. In other words, video content marketing strategy helps them connect with your brand on a more personal level.

Once you can make them feel understood and valued, they’ll come back for more video content from your brand. That’s how videos engage your audience seamlessly. With such a high level of engagement, the audience can gain the confidence to purchase your brand. It means that video is such an ideal content marketing idea for your conversion rate. Now it makes sense that the stats say that at least 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded video.

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Video Content Marketing Builds Audience Trust

Generic or promotional ads turn off most of your audience. It’s just hard for them to trust brands through hard-selling ads. That’s because they don’t care about what brands sell; they only care about the value.

Videos provide you with a storytelling technique that can help in trust-building. You can create testimonial videos, explainer videos, company profile videos, or behind-the-scenes videos to reinforce credibility and build trust. What you need to bear in mind here, though, you should pack all the messages in such an enticing and authentic story.

The better and more genuine you are at sharing your story through video content marketing, the higher your chances of getting your audience to recall your brand. This deeper, more personal connection can lead to loyalty among your existing customers as well.

Videos Expand the Brand Presence and Reach

Since it’s incredibly accessible, it can appeal to a broader audience– from Gen Z to baby boomers. Audiences of all generations can easily press the play button and retain the information they need at their fingertips. You can always optimize videos for mobile users, you can also add cartoon animation to attract younger crowds, or you can include some silly internet humor to catch millennials’ attention.

There is a lot you can do with video content marketing that can attract a broad audience and improve your brand awareness.

Improve Overall SEO Performance

It’s not only internet users that love videos. Google loves videos too. Placing a video on a website landing page can improve your chance to sit on the Google top search results up to 53%. In this matter, videos can boost your overall content marketing SEO performance.

Simply including a content video on your website can bring you a 157% increase in SERPs’ organic traffic. Not only that, but videos can also make visitors stay on your website longer, which then reduces the bounce by an average of 34%.

One thing is clear here is that video won’t only help increase your SEO by getting more eyeballs on your website, but it will also take the SEO practice to the next level by convincing your viewers to convert into loyal customers.

Video Content Encourage Social Shares

Video is extremely shareable. It’s no wonder that at least 92% of mobile users share videos with each other. On social media platforms, videos get 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

With the shareability– especially on social media platforms, videos with marketing content can maximise your brand exposure and bring you more customers.

Not only that, but the video is also an excellent medium for you to go viral since it generates far more emotional cues than a photo or text can. And on social media platforms, users tend to share emotions rather than facts.

Wrapping Up

High video watching preference is one of the strongest driving forces for opting for a video content marketing strategy. This dynamic visual content offers so much more than other static content can afford. That is what makes it worth investing in online videos and related marketing strategies.

The cocktail of online videos makes it possible for you to achieve the maximum benefits of content marketing at minimal cost and effort. However, not every video you create brings the result you’ve been longing for, only the engaging and high-quality ones. Meanwhile, the poor-performing ones can be more hindering to a company than profiting.

Make sure you spend some time and effort learning about video content marketing before you create videos for the next marketing campaign.

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