What are the best schools in Dublin to learn English courses?

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If you have stumbled upon this blog, chances are that you are already considering pursuing an English course in Dublin.

You’ve made the right choice!

The capital of Ireland, Dublin can be an excellent backdrop for your English studies as well as give you multiple opportunities for English immersion. Additionally, the city is renowned for being cosmopolitan and culturally rich.

A recent report by Hazelwood Student Village noted that more than 100,000 international students fly to the city to enrol in one of the many language schools littering its landscape. With so many language schools available, it can be difficult to choose the right one to learn English.

Let’s dive into what factors you should consider while choosing an English language school in Dublin and a list of the top language schools in the city.

What should you look for while choosing a language school in Dublin?

The type of English language assistance you need primarily depends on the reason behind your desire to learn the language. If you want to enrol in an English-medium university or college, you will need to improve your Academic English.

However, if you want to work in an English-speaking country, you can opt for a programme that can help you improve your General or Business English.

Here are some major criteria that can help you decide on the right English language school and course for you.

  1. Assistance provided for English languages proficiency exams like Cambridge English Exam and IELTS
  2. Accreditation received from the Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services (ACELS) body
  3. Language teaching qualifications of the faculty
  4. Value for money and the quality of teaching
  5. Availability of short-term summer student accommodation
  6. Opportunities for English language immersion such as educational trips and industry visits

What are the top English language Schools in Dublin?

Dublin is a hub of several prominent English language schools that can help you pick up the intricacies of the language. Here are the most popular establishments for learning English in Dublin.

  1. The International School of English
  2. IBAT College Dublin
  3. The Linguaviva Centre
  4. Atlas Language School
  5. EC English Language Schools
  6. Centre of English Studies
  7. New College Group Dublin
  8. OHC Dublin
  9. Everest Language School
  10.  ULearn English School
  11.  Delfin English School
  12.  International House Dublin
  13.  Swan Training Institute
  14.  Wesley College Dublin
  15. Your English Language School
  16.  Kaplan International Dublin
  17.  Irish College of English

Choosing the best English course from a reputed language school is only the first step of your journey. You need to put in a lot of personal effort including making friends with native speakers, getting a part-time job in an English-speaking establishment, and familiarizing yourself with English media.

If there are any English language immersion activities at your language school, it can make it easier to practise your language skills.

Check out the above-mentioned English language schools in Dublin today to be proficient in one of the most widely spoken languages across the world.

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