What Does An Enterprise Developer Do?

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The 21st century programmer is a highly sought-after specialist in the rapidly developing digital services market. Since there are not enough experienced programmers on the market, and developers’ earnings are dizzying, many are wondering how to become a programmer, how to retrain. However, before that, it is worth finding out what the programmer actually does, what his job is, and what development paths you can choose.

A programmer is a person who creates:

  • codes for computer programs,
  • web applications,
  • mobile and for computers, using specialized programming languages.

Usually a programmer of such languages knows at least a few, if not a dozen, but specializes in a certain area. It is difficult to determine the scope of the programmer’s tasks – the IT industry is subject to dynamic changes, so the actions performed today, in a few years, may not occur at all or appear to a limited extent, especially due to progressive automation. An individual developer simply cannot know all the subtleties of the processes that the enterprise mobile app development company Fireart performs, where each specialist is responsible for his own area (design, optimization, implementation of modules and extensions, etc.).

What is the developer doing?

Do you want to know what exactly the programmer does and what is he responsible for? The programmer is creating:

  • Web sites;
  • web applications;
  • mobile applications;
  • applications for stationary computers and laptops;
  • computer programs and systems.

It is thanks to the programmers that you can order food delivered to your home from your mobile phone, make an appointment with a doctor or beautician and pay for the service without leaving your home.

Narrow specialization

A programmer can be a specialist in a specific field, for example:

  • Front-End developer who is primarily responsible for the attractive appearance of the website or application, its intuitiveness, functionality and adaptation to the device on which it is displayed,
  • Back-End developer who builds applications on the server, creating databases using programming languages such as Python, C #, Ruby, Java,
  • Full Stack Developer, which combines the skills of a Front-End Developer and a Back-End Developer.

You can also code games or software databases, so a career in programming offers really great opportunities.

What a programmer’s job looks like or one day in a developer’s life

Do you think a programmer writes code for a program all day? Not necessary! This is just an excerpt from the developer’s work. Programmers can hire:

  • corporation;
  • Advertising agency;
  • design studio and not only.

In each of these places, the work may be slightly different, moreover, some programmers work remotely (in whole or in part), but usually the programmer’s working day begins with the so-called. Code review. This is the activity of reviewing the codes of programs or applications that were created the day before by the developer himself or by team members, especially those with less experience.

What is the purpose of such verification when automatic code verification programs are also used?

This is because the program does not detect some errors, and this is how programmers learn from each other. The so-called Daily Meeting during which each developer shares the problems he encountered during his work and how to solve them.

What does a developer do besides writing code?

First of all, it analyzes the problems that appear on the website or in the application, looks for ways to solve them, then implements them with the appropriate code, and finally checks if the applied mechanism is working correctly. Thus, the job of a programmer is not just writing code, it often requires consultation with other programmers, graphic designers and the client.

How much does a programmer earn?

A programmer’s earnings depend on many factors:

  • education,
  • experience
  • position held (recruitment for the position of a junior programmer, programmer, senior programmer is possible),
  • the language in which he works.

Depending on these factors, the salary is also determined. Each country, region, company (https://fireart.studio/mobile-app-development-services/) has its own conditions. But one thing can be said for sure – the developers receive much more than the average salary.

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