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What is Included in Most First Aid Certification Programs?

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Did you know that over 3 million non-fatal injuries and over 150,000 fatal injuries occur annually in the United States due to injury?

Most professions have made having first aid and CPR skills a must-work for them. Yet not everyone has this knowledge that medical emergencies are unexpected.

If you work in jobs where being first aid certified is needed, you must prepare to step up.

Here is a brief guide to the first aid certification programs.

Training Manuals

Most first-aid certification programs include a training manual. A first-aid training manual teaches participants the basics of dealing with emergencies and medical conditions. It will cover topics ranging from basic CPR and first aid techniques.

The manual will be structured to help trainees to gain an understanding of the following:

  • Respond to an emergency
  • Manage the situation
  • Correct medical equipment

Additionally, the manual will provide information on how to administer medications correctly. Students must be familiar with the training manual’s contents before starting any certification class.

Audiovisual Material

These Programs include audiovisual material to aid in learning the subject matter. This material may consist of videos or lectures that explain the basics of first aid. Audiovisuals can effectively convey information and demonstrate the steps involved.

Audiovisuals are a valuable tool for beginners. This allows them to learn the basics of first aid before actually practicing. This type of material also allows for more in-depth learning.

The viewer can pause, rewind, and watch the material as often as needed. Additionally, audiovisual material allows for more retention of information. Participants can return to the material once the course is over.

First Aid Kits

Programs include many components related to first aid kits. This provides instruction on how to administer essential first-aid treatments for ailments. Participants will also learn how to assemble and use various components of first aid kits, such as:

  • Bandages
  • Gauze Pads
  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Antiseptics
  • Splints
  • Ointments

Talking about CPR and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AEDs) is also included in this course. Furthermore, participants will be taught about symptoms recognition of potentially life-threatening conditions (e.g., heart attack, stroke, and allergic reactions) and how to provide initial treatment.

It is also commonly part of most first aid certification programs to teach learners the proper way to lift and move a person with injuries so that further damage is not caused and that the person is not exposed to undue risk.

Core Curriculum

These programs contain a core curriculum that covers a variety of topics. This curriculum typically includes instruction in basic anatomy and physiology. In addition, students can expect to gain knowledge.

Program participants also become familiar with the basics of patient assessment and record keeping and infection control and rescue operations principles. If you want to help cure severe bleeding, consider First Aid for Bleeding Certification.

Understanding First Aid Certification

First aid certification programs provide individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge. The value of a first aid certificate cannot be overstated. If you’re ready to become a certified first aid provider, take action and get your certification!

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