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What is Low Carb Diet — Everything You Should Know

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There are various diets for weight loss. A low carb diet is one of the most effective diets for weight loss and usually high in protein. By consuming these diets you can maintain your weight and prevent various health disorders.

Low carb diets are effective for weight loss without losing muscle mass. They maintain muscle mass because they are high in protein. The best thing about a low carb diet is they are not good for weight loss only. They have many other potential benefits. There are various patterns of low carb diet that you can follow. Some are effective and some maybe not. For a detailed blog on a low carb diet, visit the keto diet.

What is a Low Carb Diet?

A low carb diet reduces your carbs intake to a minimum and increases the amount of protein. A low carb diet and high protein diet is a pattern based on two diets, low carb, and high protein. This diet restricts carb intake to as low as 26% of daily calories. The amount of carbs also depends on how much calories you are consuming daily. If you are consuming 2000 calories daily, then your daily carbs intake should be less than 26% of total calories. The number of carbs and calories also vary depending on various factors. Weight, height, and daily activity are some of them.

There is no need to pay close attention to macronutrients if you are following a low carb diet for weight loss. But athletes and other sports persons pay close attention to these, as fitness is everything for them. As a starter, you can just skip carbs or minimize carbs intake as much as you could.

Along with diet exercise is also important for weight loss. So here is our quick guide on selecting a gym for you all.

Type of Diet:

Some diets are low in carbs and low in protein. The ideal weight loss diet should be low in carbs and high in protein. There are various diet which people prefer as a low carb and high protein. Keto diet, Sugar Busters diet, and Zone diet are some of them. Atkins diet is low carb but not high in protein. What you can do is include foods that are high in protein in your diet to make it high protein. Following a weight loss diet is simple. But if you want to follow a strict diet pattern to get desired results, you need to count actual calories in your diet.

Consuming fewer calories and burning more calories can help shed some extra pounds. But consuming a higher amount of protein can increase muscle mass and keep your stomach full for longer hours that also result in weight loss.

Health Benefits of Low Carb Diet:

There are various health benefits of following a low carb diet. They are usually high in protein that is the most important nutrient for the body. Here are some advantages:

Weight Loss:

The main aim of this diet is to shed extra pounds and it is doing this very well. If you are following a weight loss diet and still not getting effective results, you might be doing something wrong. Sometimes, people consider, they are following a weight loss diet but unknowingly they consume foods that are rich in carbs.

Keto or any other low carb diet produce desired weight loss results if followed properly.

These diets are high in protein that is the most important nutrient. It is also the most filling nutrient. It triggers fullness hormones and you don’t get hungry. As a result, you consume fewer calories and burn more. If you’re not sure how metabolism works, here’s a quick guide for a metabolic hormone quiz.

A high protein diet also improves blood circulation in the digestive system as the stomach demands more oxygen to break down high protein foods. Protein-rich foods enhance the ability of the pancreas to increase the amount of glucagon (a fullness hormone).

Improves Overall Health:

A low carb diet can improve your overall health. While consuming a low carb diet, your body will become deficient in carbohydrates and start burning fats instead of carbohydrates. This can improve your overall health as fat is obesity that can make you dull and slower. Removing fat and increasing muscle mass can make you healthy and active.

Obesity or extra fat in the body can cause serious health problems. Heart diseases and other organ problems are mainly due to the high amount of fat in the body. Fat can cause high blood pressure and cancers as well.

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Bone Health:

If you are consuming a low carb diet with high protein content, this will improve your overall health including the health of the bones. Bones also need a good amount of protein for health.

A good amount of protein can improve the health of bone cells by increasing the amount of bone marrow. High protein intake can reduce bone loss by increasing the strength and density of the bones.

Adverse Effects of Low Carb Diet:

There are two types of adverse effects of low carb diets.

Short Term Effects:

Short term effects of a keto diet are very common. It is because your body suddenly changed diet routine. You are getting energy from fats instead of carbs now. With time these effects vanish and your body will come to the normal routine.

Long Term Effects:

Long term effects can cause serious health complexions. These are not due to a keto diet. These are due to your mistakes which you do while following a keto diet.

A keto diet shouldn’t be followed blindly without any nutritionist. Follow the recommendations of a nutritionist because doing it on your own may result in nutrient deficiency.

A nutrient deficient body can suffer from various health problems.


While following a low carb diet, eat foods that are low in carbs such as the keto broth and high in protein. There are various health benefits of consuming a low carb diet. Weight loss, improved health, and increased muscles are some of them.

But if not followed properly, there are adverse effects also. So start your low carb diet with help of dietician.

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