What Is the Average Cost of Foundation Repair?

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The home that you currently live in is full of faults. From hidden tears in the wallpaper to a sinking foundation, the problems are abundant. However, finding these problems and getting them repaired can be difficult.

But what is the average cost of foundation repair? How much money do you need to spend to resolve the issues affecting your home?

We have all the information you need if you want to know the costs. So, be sure to keep reading.

Geographical Location

The average cost of foundation repair is determined by geographical location. The primary factors affecting price are the type of soil and climate. A slab foundation in a dry, sandy area will be less expensive to repair than one in a moist, clay-based location.

Generally speaking, the further north you live, the higher the costs, as colder climates can cause more serious foundation issues. In the warmer states such as Florida, the cost averages between $450 and $1,000, while in the coldest states, it could be as much as $10,000.

The foundation repair cost can also be influenced by the home’s square footage, the repair’s complexity, and the material used. Foundation repair costs may also vary depending on the contractor and the extent of the repair.

Materials Used

The material used for home foundation repairs is typically concrete, steel, and timber. If a large amount of excavation and re-supporting is required, supplies such as shoring timbers, wales, and helical piles become more expensive.

Whether it’s new construction or an existing home, the cost of materials used for foundation repair can quickly exceed the cost of the repair itself. As such, it is essential to evaluate the damage and consider the cost of the materials before beginning a foundation repair project.

Foundation repair of any type can be costly, depending on the type of materials used. Many repairs are done with concrete, but both lumber and steel also have their uses.

Weather Patterns

Weather patterns can significantly impact the cost of foundation repair. Extreme temperatures, heavy rains, flooding, and an extended drought can affect a home’s foundation. Flooding can cause excess moisture to enter the basement or crawl space, eroding the soil around the foundation, while lack can cause the ground to shift, leading to settled or sunken foundations.

The Complexity of the Home

The average cost of foundation repair varies depending on the complexity of the home. Generally, the more complex the home is, the more expensive the repair will be. The foundation also plays a significant role in the final cost. Repairing an elaborate house with a severely damaged foundation can easily exceed $20,000.

Additionally, factors such as the area where the home is located and the type of soil beneath the foundation can affect the repair cost. The homeowner’s access to building materials and houses on the market can also influence the price.

However, the complexity of the home is the primary factor in determining the average cost of foundation repair. If you experience foundation issues, consider this foundation settling repair.

Understanding the Cost of Foundation Repair

The cost of foundation repair depends on factors like home size, the type of repairs needed, and the severity of the situation. For foundation repair, get a free inspection from a local expert to determine the best repair solution for your budget.

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