What Is the Need for Splitting PDF?

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While reading a PDF document online is easy and convenient, you may want to print out a particular page or extract the text from a large file. In any case, splitting PDFs into multiple parts can help you achieve your goal.

For Large File Size

The first reason is that the file size of a PDF is large. The reason for this is because of the images contained within the document. For example, images take up a lot of space, so splitting your file into multiple parts will reduce its size, making it easier to send and store.

Splitting files does not affect their quality – any image or formatting in one part will be preserved in all others. However, your file may even open faster after you split it because it won’t have to load as much data at once!

Adobe Acrobat experts say, “PDF splitter tool lets you quickly separate PDF pages into multiple files. Add divider lines to designate specific page ranges.”

To Extract Pages

If you want to extract pages from a PDF file, you can use a free online tool like PDFSam. With this tool, you can split up and merge multiple files as well as extract pages from existing PDF documents. This is helpful if you have downloaded a large file but only want certain parts of it. The tool also allows users to convert the extracted content into word documents or images for easy sharing with colleagues and friends.

For Printing the Particular Page Only

You can split PDFs in order to print only the page you want. This is useful because it allows you to print a particular page in a different size, orientation, paper size or even just the first or last page of your PDF file. For example, if you have 10 pages in your document and need to print only 2 of them out, then just select those 2 pages and then use your printer settings (size, orientation etc.) for these 2 selected pages alone.

Reduce the Size of PDF

A PDF file is a file that contains all its compressed data. PDF files are large, making it difficult to share them with others over the internet or via email. If you want to reduce the size of your PDF, many online tools can help you do so.


  • Split a large PDF into multiple smaller parts.
  • Extract only certain pages from a large document (e.g., extract only pages 1-5).
  • Print only one page out of hundreds.

The need to split PDF depends on the file size, whether you want to extract a particular page from it or print only that page. These are just some of the reasons why there is a need to split a file. If you want to split a big PDF into many smaller files, then you should choose various free online tools available for it online. It’s damn quick and simple to do it with such professional tools.

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