What Type of Projects Can You Do With Arduino

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According to recent statistics, 25% of people claim to have a side hustle. Whether that’s freelance working, social media or something a bit more unusual – a quarter of us Brits like to do something on the side. In fact for some, a side hustle includes creating inventions with Arduino! 

But what is Arduino and what projects are people undertaking?

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a hardware and software package that allows you to learn electronics and have fun while learning computer programming.

Arduino is open source, so you can download the original schematic and use it to build your own board. The best thing about using Arduino is that you can sell it without paying royalties.

In fact, it’s proven so popular that according to Arduino’s CEO, 30 million people were using it in 2020

What can you do with Arduino?

Sounds good, right? But if you’re a coding or electronics whizz, you may be wondering what you can actually do with Arduino. 

The answer to that is: quite a lot. 

In addition to the ease of programming made possible by the Arduino IDE, the other great feature of an Arduino is the capability of the microcontroller on which it is based.

With a few extra shields readily available, a wide choice of low-cost sensor modules and actuators, there really isn’t much you can’t do with an Arduino.

The only proviso is to keep in mind some basic constraints: memory, clock rate, peripheral output currents and voltage levels. Other than that, you can tinker until your hearts content. 

If you’re still wondering what you could create with Arduino, we’ve rounded up some possible ideas to get you started. 

Possible applications of Arduino

  1. Measure and detection

One way that Arduino can be used is to measure and detect different elements. Whether that’s detecting weather, radiation, wildlife or even intruders – the applications are wide ranging. In fact, people have carried out all sorts of projects including:

  • Automated weather stations
  • Lightning detectors
  • Sun tracking for solar panel orientation,
  • Radiation monitors
  • Automatic wildlife detector,
  • Home or business security system.
  • Control 

As well as monitoring devices, Arduino can also be used to create control projects. From robots to model rockets or even CNC – the limit is purely your imagination (and patience!).

Some of the projects include:

  • Small robots
  • Model rockets or aircraft
  • Multi-rotor drones
  • Simple CNCs for small machine tools
  • Automation

Finally, if you’d prefer to let a machine do all the work for you – Arduino can be used to automate simple processes. From lighting to garage doors and beyond, Arduino can make your life significantly easier! In fact, you could even dabble in creating things such as:

  • Automated greenhouses
  • Automated aquariums
  • Laboratory sample shuttle robots
  • Precision thermal chambers – this could include things such as incubators, yoghurt makers, ovens and dryers.  
  • Automated electronic testing systems

Other things you can do with Arduino

  •   Built Universal Remotes

Arduino is a very good option if you want to build universal remotes. We see that sometimes we get irritated when there are so many remotes laying around without having any purpose. With the help of arduino there is a possibility of turning and IR remote into a universal one.

Things you may require for this purpose.

  • IR remote control.
  • Arduino software
  • Groove’s base shield
  • Groove’s LCD
  • An infard reciever
  • An advanced security system in just $30

Safety is the primary concern of us all at this crucial time. It is natural of us to crave for security and what can be the better option than having a security system? 

But the thing is that security systems could be too burdensome on your pocket. Also, after the installation of a security system there is the whole management of it which could be equally expensive. So what can be done in such a scenario? 

Arduino has the answer. With the help of this ultimate software you can build and maintain a security system in less than $50. 

With the help of this software there is a possibility of creating tripwire laser alarm system. If anybody would pass through the laser beams, the alarm will go off and you will get to know about the possible danger. Sounds cool? Same here.

Things you may require for this fine project.

  • A laser emitter
  • Push button
  • Touch keypad
  • Buzzer
  • A light sensor


The bottom line is that if you have an interest in tech, electronics and programming, there’s no reason you can’t start dabbling in inventions today. Whether you have a cool project in mind that you’d like to pursue or simply want a side hustle – why not give Arduino a go and see where it can take you? It is high time to be innovative with Arduino.

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