When should you start planning your wedding?

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Planning your wedding is not a piece of cake – it takes a massive amount of time and energy to get everything right. And even so, some details are bound to be missed. That is why planning your wedding earlier will buy you time to work on tinier details as you remember them. Remember that the planning and arrangements doesn’t have to be a stressful affair. You need to enjoy this time and planning is all about spending some good time with your friends and family.

A brief timeline of what your wedding checklist should have is discussed here:

Twelve Months before your Wedding Event

Take out the prior months to get the most important things in order – you can work on the tinier details or follow-up later.

Budget: setting the budget should be your topmost priority – this will not only give you a clearer sense of direction but will also help you get done with a major chunk of your wedding preparation.

Guest List: Set a guest list according to your budget. Make sure you start with it earlier so that you keep adding the people you may have initially missed out.

Wedding Party: Make a separate list of people who will be part of your wedding party – this will include guests from both the groom and bride’s side. Hence, careful checking is necessary so that you may not offend anyone.

Venue: Decide whether you will have a local wedding or an extravagant affair as a destination wedding. Then go on a hunt for wedding venues and pick the one that suits your budget.

Themes: After having looked at the venue, think of themes or colors that complement the place as well as your taste.

The Wedding Officiant: Look for a local wedding officiant or find one in another country if you are getting married elsewhere. You may require a government official if you do not belong to a particular religion.

The Wedding Planner: It’s better to book a wedding planner earlier so that there are no conflicts due to creative differences.

Wedding Insurance: Eight to Nine Months before the Wedding

Save-The-Dates: send these earlier if you’re planning a destination wedding.

Wedding Dress: Start searching for ones that you like and fit your budget. Don’t rush buying one, for your weight may fluctuate.

Booking Hotel Rooms for Your Guests and You: pick one closest to the venue.

The Service Providers: Start looking for photographers, vendors, florists, and musicians – see if they have special discounts available or if they are even available during your wedding dates. In Fact, if you’re in the Houston area, there are Houston wedding photography packages that you check out to see which ones fir your budget.

Six to Eight Months before your Wedding Event

Bridesmaids’ Attire: Decide on clothes that go with your theme and styles that are trendy. Also, order and collect Groomsmen’s Outfits and wedding rings and store them at a secure place. Remember that a custom made diamond ring design process can take some time.

The Honeymoon: planning and start booking your honeymoon place according to your budget

Transportation: look for rentals from your place to the venue – for the entire wedding party.

Four to Six Months before your Wedding Event

Fittings: see if it needs any changes.

Wedding Rehearsal: start planning how you’d want it to go.

The Cake: Go for experienced bakers, confectioneries, and do not forget to do a taste test!

Hair and Makeup Bookings: pick an experienced beautician who complements your style.

Send Out Invites: send these out earlier if you’re planning a destination wedding.

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Two to Four Months before your Wedding Event

Gifts for the Wedding Party: Put some thought into these. Personalized pint glasses, whiskey tumblers, and shot glasses also make interesting, best man wedding thank you gift or usher thank you gift

Writing down the Vows and Toasts: make it a fun, bonding activity.

Buy Accessories: to match with your wedding gown. For amazing jewellery, check out Solitaire Jewels.

One Month before your Big Day

Wedding License and Other Documents: arrange these – both original and photocopies.

Final Fittings: make sure your dress looks perfect!

Final Calls to the Service Providers: confirm that they’re all on board.

Call Guests Who Haven’t Replied: so that you can make changes accordingly.

One Week before the D – Day

Hair and Pampering: get an appointment for hair color, waxing, massaging, manicure, and pedicure.

Groom’s Haircut: for a sleeker, cleaner look.

Final Head Count: don’t forget to count yourself and your man!

Seating Chart: for the wedding table

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party: don’t miss out on this one!

Emergency Kit: for the minor, inevitable inconveniences.

Honeymoon Packing: Get it done before the wedding fatigue kicks in.

Rehearsal Dinner: make sure everything goes as planned.

Officiant’s Fee: super important, do not forget this!

Pick Up the Wedding Dress: and keep it somewhere clean and safe!

Get done with the Payments: and watch the magic come to life!

Finally, when all the things have been ticked off your wedding list, breathe and simply relax – while you enjoy your big day!

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