Where do you live in – Past, Present, or the Future?

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Article idea: Where do you live in; is concentrated on the times in which people live. Doesn’t everybody live in the same universal time? Find out

Where do you live? This is a question that we need to determine an answer to. Most of us live in the past, average in the present, and very few in the future. All this happens in the soul and programmed in the mind(your mind is in your soul, your mind controls your actions).


People who live in the past and its regrets never make it out of life; they may seem successful and possessing material substance but they know that there is a huge hole in their heart because of the past. They are unsatisfied despite all they seem to have; they live a confusing life because they live in the past, as time goes on they are gradually fading out and dying; it is only a matter of time for it to be physical.


Those who live in the present are ever worried about what might come their way; they live in the fear of the uncertainties of the future; thus; they are ever watchful and always on guard, not sure of what might happen next. As a result of the fear in their mind; they don’t live a peaceful life but a life of always-on “watch”. While some in this category live a carefree life; they are unconcerned and not prepared for the future.


They who live in the future are the most satisfied; they live on every day expecting that future day to come which they are already prepared for. They have set plans already for that coming day which they are not certain about but confident that comes what may; they are prepared.

The time you live in and function is revealed in your thoughts. These are questions that will help you find out

What do I usually think about?

What’s my major concern?

What’s my perspective about life?

Do my thoughts dwell in my regrets?

Am I afraid of what might happen tomorrow?

Am I unperturbed about tomorrow?

Am I prepared for tomorrow; comes what may?

When you find your spot in this questions; you will realize the time you live in.

Fellows, one thing I won’t and sure not do; is to choose for you. But what I will do is to show you the paths and let you have your say. Therefore; don’t expect anyone to come to tell you what you must do. Do, what you know to do. The time you live in is dependent on your choice. So choose wisely because whatever you choose; you will find. You might be asking “how do I switch the time in which I live?” It’s as simple as how you got in; figure that out.

Changing the time in which you live is by changing your thoughts. You knew it by your thoughts so changing your thoughts will reveal another perspective about life.

Changing your thoughts is not that simple, but all you need do is to change your mind programming(the information absorbed in your mind). You have to replace all this information with the one you want; so seek information about a better higher life and delete the ones that have kept you in bondage; so you can install the new ones.

Changing times is a conscious deliberate effort; program your mind now for what you want. Take your stand and dominate your thoughts.

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CLINTON FRANCIS is a writer aimed at reforming the hearts of men in making the world a better spectacular paradise. He hails from Edo state, Nigeria. His vast knowledge of reality has made his works an undeniable fact to manifesting the light in men. You can contact him on Clintonatolefrancis@gmail.com

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