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Where to Find the Best Music Scenes in America

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The music lover’s travel journey is never complete. As we travel, there always seems to be another city where a new and exciting scene is emerging. There’s a couple of reasons that seems to be the case. A large part of that is, like our literal traveling, we are always going down new roads of music, as both the musicians and the listeners.

We all love to explore the busy highways of genres we’ve always wanted to experience more intensely and the obscure unpaved back roads that push the boundaries of what music can be. As we learn about artists and styles of music, we crave to see these scenes at the ground level. Everyone’s priority list for traveling will correspond to their music queue, but here’s some musical cities everyone in the United States should see. 

Memphis, TN

Regardless of whatever else fills your playlists, there are two types of people in this world. Those who openly love The King, the one and only Elvis , and those who only pretend not to put on their blue suede shoes every once in a while. His time has come and passed, but his influence still plays a major part in what the musical scene is like in the city today. 

It was home to many other greats, like B.B. King, and the famous Beale Street still stands as tall as ever. It is one of the most famous musical history streets anywhere around the county and where you’ll hear the best music. Once you see it in person, if you haven’t previously, you might just find yourself instantly looking at Memphis Houses for Sale so you never have to leave that scene behind again.

Los Angeles, CA

If you are someone that truly loves every genre of music, and not someone who just says it, this is where you have to be. Just head downtown on a weekend evening and you’ll be able to see venues playing whatever kind of music you find yourself craving. There’s going to be plenty of clubs in LA, packed each night with the hottest DJs if that’s what you love. 

For decades now it’s also been a huge hip-hop city and there’s no plans of that changing. Starting back during the west coast takeover of hip-hop during the early 90s to the 2000s, LA has remained an absolute titan when it comes to honoring the rap legends of the past and shaping tomorrow’s icons of the genre. 

New Orleans, LA

The most die-hard jazz-heads will have already made the pilgrimage but don’t feel like it’s only for them. Even the most casual lovers of jazz will find plenty to love around every corner of the city and live music wherever they’d like it. Bourbon Street is the best part of town for live music, regardless of the time of year, so that’s not a street you’ll want to miss. 

Given you can line it up scheduling wise, attending the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in the spring would never disappoint any music lover.

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