Which City Has Badge Of Manchester Of India

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Like Manchester, Great Britain we have a city in India called Manchester of India. Ahmedabad located in the state of Gujrat is referred to as “Manchester of India”. The reason behind referring to Ahmedabad as Manchester is because of highly developed cotton industries similar to Manchester, Great Britain. Other reasons are firstly Ahmedabad is located on the banks of river Sabarmati and the water of this river is suitable for dying threads, secondly, the climatic condition is perfect for spinning fine thread. Cotton fabric and products have high demand inside and outside India and a large part of that is fulfilled by cotton textiles of Ahmedabad making it Manchester of India. It is said that after the huge success of cotton textile mills in Ahmedabad two leading industrialists Ambalal Sarabhai and Kasturbhai Lalbhai named it Manchester of India.

Top Reasons Why Ahmedabad is Called as Manchester Of India:

  1. Ahmedabad is one of the largest cotton-producing states in India as well as in the world. The maximum amount of raw cotton is produced alone in Ahmedabad.
  2. A large number of labor and workers available to work in textile mills making it “Manchester of India”
  3. A large number of a rich businessman setting up or funding textile mills and salaries to labors
  4. Ahmedabad is well-connected to different countries making transportation of goods and products easy
  5. The first cotton textile mill established in Ahemdabad in 1861 was Shahpur Mill. Its huge success inspired many businessmen to make large investments in textile mills
  6. Soon many textile mills were developed and started supplying a large number of goods to various parts of the country. By the end of the 20th century, thirty-three textile mills were running successfully in Ahmedabad.
  7. The best textile museum is located in Ahmedabad “Calico Textile Museum” showcasing the artistic skills of Indian artists.
  8. People of Ahmedabad are lively, jolly, social, and friendly and celebrate all the festivals with enthusiasm and energy
  9. The rich culture of Ahmedabad is seen in all festivals where the city is lit up and decorated in vibrant colors
  10. The rich culture of Ahmedabad is also seen in the colorful attires of locals. People here love celebrating festivals following their culture and tradition, they dance, wear traditional outfits and perform rituals showcasing respect and authenticity towards their culture and traditions

History of Manchester Of India

Back in the 11th century when Chalukya Dynasty was ruling this region of the city was known as Ashapalli. Later famous king Karna of the Chalukya Dynasty named today’s Ahmedabad “Karnavati”. In 1411 Karnavati was named Ahmedabad by Sultan Ahmed Shah of the Mughal Dynasty. In 1953 Akbar made Ahmedabad a major textile trading center. Later it was taken up by British Rule. The city has seen all freedom fights and was home to famous freedom fighters Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel and Mahatma Gandhi. Trading is famous in Ahmedabad from ancient times and the city is still continuing to be the lead player in textile industries with more growing and progress in different sectors.

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