Why Does A Publication Matter So Much For A Career In Academic Research?

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It isn’t just a great feeling to have your academic research published. During the tie you spend at university, you may already conduct a couple of research projects. Each subject you take or at least most of them requires you to write an essay. The essays are supposed to prepare you for the bigger research projects. Ultimately, it’s a requirement to have your work published if you want to habilitate. It’s the most important publication of your life that already matters for your career in academic research.

Why are you doing academic research at all?

While academic research is a necessity of your studies there a couple of key components for doing academic research at all.

  • a desire to learn about current issues and/or people
  • a natural drive to find solutions to present problems
  • to contribute to the ongoing academic discussion

Without proper academic research, you are unlikely to ever learn why there are certain issues in the world. Neither could you take up the fork and decide to find a solution. Most of all, academic research is more a kind of an ,ongoing discussion. There are many questions that have been around for a long time in the world. For example, quantum physics isn’t completely understood today. Each additional academic research will help this matter to move along. At the same time, not even the simplest questions about the human body have been fully answered. Organs that might not seem to play such a huge role might have an important task after all. None of us will ever find out about it until someone gets behind it.

If you want an academic career, start properly

Academic research is certainly not done and requires a lot of effort. You need to find the right sources and double-check the author. Despite the fact how many thousands of books there are, not all of them can be used. Either they’re written by non-experts who only touch on the surface of a matter. Or whatever authors found out for their books may have been questioned and refuted over time. Additionally, your library cannot hold all the books you may need for your research. Neither do they have access to all databases.

Before you jump to the easiest sources you can find for your academic research, know to ignore newspapers, journals as well as Wikipedia. While those outlets may provide you with leads, you cannot use them as a source for your academic research. If you do, you lack credibility. To make your research efforts more effective, it’s always a good idea to jump onto an academic research platform. The best one is free to use and offers you integrated tools to help you find suitable sources for your topic. You can write directly on that platform and add notes while you automatically save your research links. Have someone look at it on the platform for checks and balances which can provide you with further research material. Of course, several academic research databases are at your disposal to find the right sources from the beginning. That makes your work a lot easier. You don’t waste time on sources that might be illegitimate.

The more you research, the better you become

How to properly conduct academic research and put it all into paper is neither learned overnight. It takes several years until you master the academic language as well as research methods. Your first piece might be rather daunting because you don’t quite know what to look at and how to incorporate it. The second one will be easier and with any following academic research, you become better and better. It’s a practice you have to keep up if you really want to be one of the better ones. Later on, students and graduates might ask you for your assistance.

To polish your academic research skills, it might be valuable to collaborate on some projects. You can learn a lot from other people’s approaches and research methods. Collaboration doesn’t overwhelm you with too much work at once either. Everyone does his or her bit. And you can use an academic platform again, to make the progress more effective with real-time note-sharing and editing.

Essays and minor research projects are just prep-work

As shortly mentioned in the beginning, academic research at university is just preparation for your graduation. Even though you will not learn how to use the academic language after graduation, you have at least gathered more experience in academic research. While you could certainly drop out and leave with your bachelor’s degree, higher academic grades provide you with more opportunities for work later on. Everyone has a bachelor these days. Some have a master’s degree. Not that many actually go after the Ph.D. The title Ph.D. naturally provides you with more credibility. However, to even get a Ph.D., you need a publication. That publication can be viewed by anyone, such as your future employers. To make it a valuable piece, you have to do a lot of academic research as preparation.

Most importantly, you build your credibility

The more academic research you can publish, the more credibility you can build. Just having one or two publications won’t do the trick. You’d most likely read more of one scholar who has already published several pieces of researches. A person with several publications can prove that he or she is an expert in his field. It’s unlikely you studied physics, medicine or even economics because you didn’t want to become an export. You choose your subject depending on what interests you the most and to make yourself an expert.

However, there’s a second very important fact to point out: recruiters and employers look at academic research. If they like what they see of your work, they’re more likely to offer you a job. If it’s not a job, you become at least a person of interest for funding – be it federal or from a private entity. That funding, in turn, provided you with cash to pay your bills.

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