Why WordPress Websites Get Hacked?

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As we are slowly taking over the online world and unfurling our presence in the digital medium, it has become pertinent to look into the security aspect. Needless to say, while there is sufficient space to express yourself and expand your business online, you still have a chance to lose everything if you do not have the rights at the right place.

Well, to save you from all that loss and embarrassment, it has become necessary to know why and how you can get hacked and how best to protect yourself from that. So, if that is what you have been wondering lately, here in this blog, we will walk you through six reasons that explain why WordPress websites get hacked so easily and what can be done to avoid that. So, without any further ado, let us get started.

Weak Passwords are a big No.

Putting up a weak password is like sending an invitation to the hackers and cybercriminals for a free dinner party. Refrain from using those passwords that professionals can easily guess. They have been in the business for long, and guessing a weak or mild password would not be too tough for them. To begin with, try to use only those words that you do not use in your everyday lives.

Top that, toughen it with numbers, alphanumeric characters and use a good combination of signs and symbols. This makes it challenging for them to break in and steal all your data. Also, make it a point to update your passwords once every two months. And do not use the same passwords in any of the two social channels that you use.

Absence of an SSL Certificate

The online shopping business has made shopping free seamless, and there is no doubt about that, but having said that, it has also opened the door to threats and comprises the security aspect as well. And this is something that cannot be ignored. For some of the customers, this is the first thing they notice when they browse over a new site.

They want to know whether or not the site has an SSL certificate. All they need to do is look for the green padlock at the top of the URL, and an HTTPS URL instead of an HTTP one. The extra ‘S’ at the end stands for security. If you need to secure multiple first-level subdomains under one primary domain, we suggest that you buy Wildcard SSL Certificate. You will find many cheap wildcard SSL certs online that will do all the talking for you.

Not having a Two-Factor Authentication.

You want to add an extra layer of security to your site, don’t you? For that, it is needed to get a Two-factor authentication for your site. This type of authentication almost kills away from the chances of being duped by hackers. As the name suggests, here, you will have to break into two layers of security processes to log in finally. and if you are not the desired user, the system will not make it possible for you to enter through. It is as simple as that.

Using Faulty Plugins

It is no surprise that hackers and cybercriminals spend a significant time looking for sites that have a weak makeup. This includes faulty plugins as well as the absence of wildcard SSL certificates as well. This gives them a chance to exploit the website to the fullest potential. And these days, one of the easiest ways for hackers to break into a system is via plugins.

It becomes seamless for them to steal away your precious data for the ones that are not fully patched against backdoor access.

It could also be the case that you still use plugins that have gone outdated months back. This, too, gives them another reason to steal your information, even without you noticing it. That is why it is more than necessary to have completely trusted plugins and are updated with the latest patch on your site. Ensure that this is a must.

By still deploying Software that has been Outdated already

As discussed, nothing gives hackers and cybercriminals more satisfaction than getting on to a site that has outdated Software. This makes their work easier. But, now, they can not only take away your precious information but also do it so conveniently, without you noticing it right away. Unfortunately, most of the plugins, themes as well as WordPress too are subjected to such vicious attacks.

If you do not want to be a part of such attacks, make it a point to remove an outdated version as fast as you can from your system. We would suggest today itself! Note it if you do not keep your themes, plugins and version of WordPress up to date, you are inviting trouble and making your site more vulnerable. Also, you will find many such updated versions in the online market, which you can get home-delivered, that too at a price that would not cut your wallet

Insecure Code

Themes and plugins that are not from reputable sources could invite vicious vulnerabilities to your site. And as a website owner, you would not want to do that to your site, your employees, and especially not to your customers. And if you want to use free WordPress themes or plugins, you can easily install them from the official theme directory with full ease and convenience.

Just ensure that when you purchase these premium plugins and themes, check the vendor’s reputation before itself. Ask around and get recommendations from people and sources you trust. Google will always be your best friend. On that note, never install any nulled plugins, which are premium plugins from free sites. These are baits and have been designed to cause you harm. So stay aware there.

That’s a Wrap

There is nothing harsher and hurtful than seeing your business go down the spiral. It will ache to see all your hard work go in vain when you do not have all the necessary precautions to protect your business. We hope that these six tips would have given you enough information on the dos and don’ts. Practice them, and you will soon start to see a difference in the security aspect of your business. Then, all you will have to worry about is how to make your business bigger and better!

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