Working From Home: Top 5 Ways To Work Efficiently

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Working from home was a dream to many until it has become the new normal thing around the globe. Earlier people used to speculate about how comfortable it could have been to work from home. Then all of a sudden they have to realize the vacuum and the loneliness they have to feel. For regular office goers, it can be very intimidating and stressful for not having people around them. 

However, many people are feeling blessed that they do not have to go out in this pandemic situation yet they can continue their work from the comfort of their home with the help of the latest technology. It is also keeping the lives of people with some degree of normalcy. Therefore, there must be some ground rules that should be followed in order to run smooth and efficient work from home culture and share the home space with other colleagues. Also, it is important to stay healthy and productive in this new work environment to keep the world turning. Here are some dos and don’ts to follow strictly to get a normal work environment inside the house.


  • Have a proper schedule and always stick to it.
  • Stay focused on your accomplishments every day to keep yourself motivated throughout.
  • Have a dedicated workspace and inform your family that you will be unavailable during the work hours.


  • Don’t try to work all day or beyond the work hours without regular breaks, this may hamper your productivity and motivation.
  • Don’t isolate yourself with your work only. Spend quality time with your family too and try to talk about something else other than work with your colleagues
  • Never forget to check-in with your colleagues and bosses. It is very much important to make yourself visible when you are working from home. 

Maintaining proper work ethics is the first and foremost way that leads to other things like meetings, deadlines etc. go smoothly. Therefore let’s discuss top five ways in detail how to maintain the work culture at home properly.

Follow a proper routine:

Just because you are at home it does not mean that you have to lounge around in your pajamas. While it is equally important to feel comfortable at home you can always wear a t-shirt and jeans for you the work hours. It is a good idea to take a shower and get dressed properly before you log in to your virtual office. Keep it in mind that you have to be around the computer throughout the day so; starting your day with a little freehand exercise would be an even better idea. This may help you to overcome the stress of work. Working from home cannot be efficient without quality sleep

Dedicate a working space

Working inside your bedroom is the worst thing you can do to yourself and your family. Also, using the common area of your house as your workspace can be disturbing. So, invest to create a dedicated and well-ventilated workspace inside your house. The chair should be comfortable and if the table is not high enough for your computer/laptop, then pile up some books to adjust its position. Also, you can stand up from the chair in between conference calls to relax your legs.

Get into some ground rules with the other family members so that you can concentrate on your work and they can also enjoy their personal space inside the house

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Set targets for the day and take regular short breaks:

It is the best time to brush up your management skills as you are working from home. Set regular and daily targets and identify the priority list. Then work according to that list so that you can keep up with your pace. The opportunity of working from home allows you to think deeper and get a better flow of work. Similarly, it is important to take regular short breaks during the work hour to break the monotony and continue the flow of fresh thoughts. Maintain a calendar and block time for breaks in it. It will not only help you to plan your time more realistically but also ensure that you get enough time to recharge yourself.

Get better with your communications:

There are two types of people; some are introverts and some are extroverts. But it is equally important for both types of people to connect more with the colleagues to make themselves visible especially now when they are not present in front of each other physically. When in close proximity it is easier to relate or communicate with each other and do some attentive conversation. But when the whole communication is based on a virtual platform it is more important to keep up the rapport with each other for better understanding and collaboration. Luckily loads of tools are available like video calls, digital chats, digital whiteboards etc. that may help to communicate better.

It is also important to remember that as complete communication is happening virtually, assuming positive intent and having empathy can be a lot more helpful towards building a bond between the colleagues.

Make some time to care for yourself:

Being productive and happy can always be questioned in times of self-isolation. However, it is equally important to have a self-care regime to keep up the balance of your mind. A little exercise or some meditation is enough to maintain the balance of your mind and body. Although, prioritizing your health and safety has nothing to do with this isolation period, but there are many pieces of evidence that proves that taking care of your mind and body can actually increase your productivity and helps to maintain your sanity in immense work pressure. It also encourages the sense of welfare of the other family members.

So, until now we have learned how to keep a well-balanced work culture while you are working from home. Basically, maintaining these simple work ethics can help you to have efficient and productive meetings as you are in sync with everything and have successfully organized your work schedule and working environment. However, here let us share some bonus tips that may further help you to conduct efficient and smooth meetings within your home.

Bonus Tips for efficient meetings

  • Make sure every one of your team understands the usage of the latest technology.
  • Obsolete the usual social cues and carefully include everyone in the meeting and make them well versed to limit their oratory skills.
  • Inspire the participants to take a quick tour of their surroundings and remember to appreciate it.
  • Understand the importance of starters and icebreakers to foster better communication and inclusivity.
  • Maintain a time limit for every meeting and try to make it crisp and short to avoid tediousness.


As the pandemic situation continues to spread across the world, more and more companies are opting for work from home to keep their resources safe. However, the challenge remains for the managers to help their staff/employees to be organized and adjust with the new reality ensuring their morale so that productivity can be affected as little as possible. Fortunately, modern technology is helping to hold face-to-face meetings regardless of where the employees live. Hopefully, this article will help those who are new to this paradigm to stay organized and conduct work from home meetings efficiently.

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