Your Question Checklist for Purging Unnecessary Item

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When was the last time you hunkered down a serious decluttering? It’s probably been a while if you look around your home and find lots of accumulated stuff. If stuff already falls out of your cabinets as soon you open the doors, you need to purge something. But how do you decide what to keep and what to toss? I found a very interesting thing for you all. Take a look at our checklist and check this page for easy junk removal.

Have I Used it Within The Last Year?

This should be the first question you should ask yourself for successful junk removal. We often keep items that we hardly even look at. However, you should be a bit careful with this question. There are items you may not have had to use within the last year or even six months. But you may still need those. This would especially apply to tools. Even if you’re not an avid DIY’er, everyone needs some screwdrivers, a hammer, saws as well as a drill. Don’t throw out stuff that is essentially extremely useful.

Tools certainly are of this category. Also, there are books you may want to keep, though you haven’t read them again in a while. This might refer to particular classics in your book collection. For example, a Tolkien fan would never toss The Lord of the Rings. It could have been a few years since the fan read it, but he knows how amazing the book series is. Dictionaries are as handy to have at hand.

Kitchen appliances are one particular category people seem to collect and never actually use – or hardly ever. The same goes for clothes. Our style changes over time and at some point, our clothes don’t fit anymore. That’s completely fine and a part of life. Before you know it, you’re not wearing certain pieces anymore after a while. You know they’re uncomfy and thus they end up at the back of your wardrobe.

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Do I Really Like It?

We often keep stuff that we don’t actually like (anymore). It could be dishes, clothes, glassware or even furniture. Maybe someone gave you an item and you don’t want to hurt his or her feeling when tossing. Whoever gave you an item that you don’t actually like won’t be hurt. He or she wouldn’t have given it to you had the person known you don’t like it. Take a good look at your dishes and glassware.

Just like with clothes, our style changes over time. This certainly also affects items we use daily. Sooner or later, we may not like the plates anymore we bought last decade. Hardly anyone keeps furniture for decades nowadays. If you don’t like it, it’s a case for junk removal. Plain and simple.

How Much Is It Worth To Me Now?

Every one of us keeps items just for sentimental value. But even those values change over time. Take that teddy bear you were given by a good friend when you had a rough patch. It was highly valuable to the time back then and the teddy bear probably helped you a bit. That’s years ago now and you may have lost touch with said friend. Is it still of value for you today?

In a similar manner, we like to hold on to items on which we’ve spent a lot of money. Of course, you’d be stupid if the junk removal team hauled out that 10k sofa. It was too expensive to simply toss it. Is that sofa still 10k worth to you today? The point is to let go of items that have no value in your life today.

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Am I Ever Going to Finish It?

It could be a book you started reading because someone recommended it to you. But then you put it aside and somehow forgot about it. How likely are you to finish that book after all? If it was such an interesting story, you’d probably not have put it aside as easily. The same goes for other projects you started but never finished.

For example, you may have wanted to paint some bottles. Or you started collecting bottles to build a bottle wall. Well, if the materials for your project have been sitting around for ages, you may not start your project. Let the junk removal take care of excess bottles, wood panels, or even magazines. You’re unlikely to cut out those interesting articles after carefully keeping that batch for years.

Could Someone Else Make Good Use Of It?

Maybe you don’t need that teddy bear of your old friend for emotional support anymore. But a friend of yours could appreciate it. And what about children whose parents can’t afford toys? They could certainly make very good use of your teddy bear. Kitchen appliances are quite the same. You may have bought that juicer, but not used it for a while. A friend of yours recently discovered juicing and is considering buying a juicer.

You might as well give it to your friend. In this sense, you could consider donating items that are intact and functional. Junk removal services fortunately always donate items they hauled out which are still in good shape. You could just ask a junk removal team to pop around to collect your stuff. Before they bring anything to a landfill, they automatically donate items in good shape. It saves you the buzz of calling charities in your area and bringing it to them.

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Would I Still Take If It Was For Free Today?

You can easily find out if you need an item or not if you’d gladly take it right now without having to pay for it. That’s how you notice your personal value for an item. You may have lots of shoes but only wear one or two pairs. Look at the other pairs and decide if you’d take them if someone gave them to you. Have a look at your furniture. There certainly are items we love and would never let go of. You’d gladly take them right now if they were for free. The others, however, are most likely in better hands with good junk removal.

Parting Words On Junk Removal Of Unnecessary Items

So, now it’s your turn. Getting rid of sentimental clutter is an unexpected hard task. Also, taking time to organize is not as convenient as it seems. So, take your time to create an action plan, and avoid any unnecessary headaches. Organization can be an amazingly cathartic task when done correctly. So, get out there and get organized!

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