Zorb Ball Vs Water Walking Ball

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Not every giant ball is a Zorb ball. While they all look similar but they are different and are also made to serve a different purposes.

But it’s important to know all about these giant balls that supply nothing but fun and good times. So, here’s the difference between the Zorb ball vs the water walking ball for you.

Zorb Ball vs Water Walking Ball

We know the two balls are different but how exactly are they different? What makes them unique?

Their design:

Zorb ball is designed specifically to roll on land. You can get in the ball and play as much as you want and pick your favorite sport while not worrying much about anything. Not even those pebbles because Zorb ball is designed to withstand all such hurdles in its way.

Water walking ball, on the other hand, is designed to walk and float on water. It is designed to withstand your weight and still stay afloat on the water.

But what’s exactly in their design that makes them different and perfect for their respective jobs? Let’s find that out too.

The Zorb Ball

Here are a few facts about the Zorb ball that you can consider and compare with the water walking ball to find out their differences:

  1. The Zorb ball that entertains you on the land is made with two balls, one inside of the other. And the space between these two balls is for the air cushioning layers.
  2. The two balls that make one Zorb ball, are connected via nylon strings. And these strings are what provide the required stability to the ball and its structure.
  3. PVC or polyvinyl chloride and TPU is the material that is used to make the Zorb balls. 0.8 to 1.0 mm of PVC and TPU is combined to make a Zorb ball that is 3 meters in diameter.
  4. Also, talking about its origin, New Zealand was the originator of Zorb balls and over time China became the biggest producer and trader of Zorb balls worldwide.

And now, let’s talk about the water walking ball to conclude or differentiate.

The Water Walking Ball

Learn how a water walking ball is made and what makes it unique, here:

  1. Firstly, unlike the Zorb ball, this ball is made with just a single layer or single ball. Secondly, this doesn’t mean it is less protected or safe. It is because that is what is required from the ball to perform on the water.
  2. You don’t wear this ball on your body, instead, you get inside of it and close the chain so that the water doesn’t get inside and drown you. the entire environment of the ball is air-sealed. A blower is used to push you into the lake or swimming pool.
  3. Since there is no source of air inside the ball and you breathe in your own exhaled air, you cannot stay inside for more than 10-15 minutes. This is also why there’s no layering used to make the ball. Because it will further suffocate you from breathing and make things difficult for you.
  4. The material used to make the water walking ball is the same as the Zorb ball. The only difference is no nylon strings are required here to stabilize the structure of the ball.
  5. The first water ball was made and designed in the United States.
  6. Water walking balls are preferred to be used only in shallow waters like lakes or swimming pools. They can’t be taken into deep waters and so must not be taken to a sea or an ocean for safety purposes.

Apart from these two types of balls, there’s another ball called the inflatable water cylinder or inflatable water roller.

These balls have double layering like Zorb ball but are much larger and can fit 2 to 3 people inside. since it is not sealed and has entrances at both sides, they are not suggested to roll on inclined lands.

And that is the difference between a Zorb ball and a water walking ball. Apart from that, you also got to know what is inflatable water cylinder or an inflatable water roller is.

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To Sum Up:

Many times when we see a giant transparent ball, we assume they all are the same. But you must know the difference between a Zorb ball vs water walking ball before you get into any of them. this is not important from the perspective of knowledge but also for your safety.

How the ball is made and what you can do with it is something that you will need to know to stay safe while enjoying your time in a Zorb or water walking ball.

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